Container Deposit Scheme

Our club’s Donation Partner ID (barcode) has now been activated with Visy, who operate the Reverse Vending Machines (RVM’s) in the North (including adjacent to our carpark), and Return-It who operate RVM’s in the East.  
There are multiple ways you can help our club by collecting eligible containers:  
Preferred option is to drop your collected containers into the recycle bin next to the BBQ shed at our club. Our fantastic volunteers will regularly empty the bins into the RVM.
Or you can:
Download the CDS Vic North (Visy) app onto your phone and follow the instructions to register your details. Drop off containers at an RVM in North and search for Donvale Bowls Club as a charity/donation partner in the app and scan our barcode into the reader. Same applies for the East, but need to use the CDS Vic East (Return-It) app.
Save the below barcode on your phone as a photo or document or print it. Drop off containers at an RVM in North or East and open the barcode photo on your phone or hold up the printed copy and scan it into the reader. Drop off your containers at any RVM and request e-vouchers. Donate the e-vouchers to the club, via bar staff, and we can cash them at Coles.

Our Donation Partner ID:


Eligible containers are those with the 10c mark. Most small portable beverage containers between 150ml to 3L.
Do not crush the containers (The RVM’s need to read the containers barcode).
The RVM’s do not have a keypad to enter our club’s name or donor ID. You must scan our barcode.
Each RVM has a default charity which changes every month. It is easy to make a mistake and donate to the default charity, instead of our club.
The receipt that prints does not confirm who the donation has gone to.
We would prefer to have larger drop offs at the RVM’s rather than lots of small donations (more work for our Treasurer). It will be more efficient to drop off your smaller collections into the recycle bin at our club (near BBQ shed)  

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