Fund Raising Activities

Knife Sharpening and Repairs

Knives, Scissors, shears, tools sharpened. Bowls bag handles, lifters etc. repaired
​Contact – David Mattiazzo: 0428 101 404 or Anna Brady: 0417 580 842
Funds from the above sales are kindly donated by David to the  Club Christmas Hamper Raffle

Cheese Boards

All boards are made from Merbau timber and sealed with natural oils (no chemicals)
Tear-drop shaped boards are available in 2 sizes.
Long boards also available in 2 sizes, 70cm and 84cm
Lazy Susan – rotating boards are 50cm in diameter

Contacts: Ritto Bettiol 0425 745 759 or Anna Brady 0417 580 842
$10 from the sale of each board will be kindly donated by Ritto to Donvale Bowls Club

Artisan products  co-ordinator:  Anna Brady 0417 580 842

Trading Table

Next time you visit our clubrooms check out the bargains on our amazing trading table.
​Trading Table is open from September to March each year.

Contacts:  Barbara Drew – 0407 545 894 or Norma Juchno – 0417 558 237.​

Christmas Hamper Raffle

Annual club raffle provides you with a great chance to win a magnificant Christmas Hamper – Tickets for this year’s Raffle will be on sale from November 2023

​Contact:  Anna Brady –  0417 580 842

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