Club Championships 23/24

In 2023/2024 the Club Championships Tournament will again be run as a programmed event.
Competition entry fee is $10 per person per event, to be paid on the day of the first round of each event. Entrants may also be required to perform Marker duties i.e. In singles matches the player who has lost a round must be prepared to mark in the next round.

Please Note: This applies to all Club Championship matches.

  • On the day Championship Matches are to be played participants are not allowed to practice on the same green prior to the match.
  • Two trial ends will be played prior to the start of each match. These trial ends will consist of the number of bowls allocated for that event for each end, e.g. this will be 4 bowls per trial end for 100up.

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WINNERS: Rob Fairweather, Terry Cooper & John Poulton

RUNNERS-UP: Kel McMahon, Ritto Bettiol & David Mattiazzo

Bowlslink – Open Triples

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