Club Championships 2022/2023

This year’s club Championships Tournament will again be run as a programmed event. When our program is finalised, it is envisaged that matches will be scheduled mainly on Sundays, Fridays, some Wednesdays, and Mondays [including under lights] but other weekdays may also be used.
Competition entry fees is $10 per person per event, to be paid on the day of the first round of each event.
Set out below is a draft timeline of our scheduled events:

Online Registration:
100 Up Handicap:
Minor Singles:
Singles COC:
Mixed Pairs:

Starts August 14th finishes August 28th
Starts September 18th: Final October 2nd
Starts October 5th: Final October 21stStarts October 23rd: Final 13th November
Starts November 27th: Final December 16th
Starts January 15th: Final January 27th
Starts January 29th: Final February 12th

Entrants may also be required to perform Marker duties; i.e In singles matches the player who has lost a round must be prepared to mark in the next round.