As a member you can bring friends to play bowls as long as the rinks are available at the time.

Club coaching is free to members. New bowlers are offered coaching with a club coach. Group and team coaching is available to all members and individual coaching can be arranged by appointment.

There are many volunteer jobs at the club and we could not function without our volunteers. If you are a keen gardener, a handyman or enjoy cooking you may wish to help out and you will be a most welcome asset. You are not required to volunteer.

Yes, if you wish to play bowls competitively or socially on a regular basis you will need to join a club.

Before buying bowls we recommend that you use the club bowls for a trial period so that you can determine the right size and type of bowl for you. We also recommend that you seek guidance from a coach before purchasing bowls.

The club runs an annual championship event and all full members are encouraged but not required to enter.

Club Secretary or any committee member.

Yes. There are worldwide laws, ‘Laws of the Sport of Bowls

As a full member you will be given a key to the greens area and bowls shed so that you can practice at any time, although this will depend on the availability of the rink. Restrictions on the use of the greens can occur due to a competition in progress or the grass green being closed for maintenance. All full members have access to club coaches and an opportunity to play Pennant Bowls or join in Social Bowls events. You will also have reciprocal rights at most other bowls clubs in Australia.

​A competition between teams from different clubs.

Games played for fun between club members.

The Committee of Management inc. (known as ‘INC’) runs the club. The Pennant Bowls Committee and The Non Pennant Bowls Committee report to the Committee of Management.

Twilight Bowls is run during the daylight saving period and social bowls are organised on the first and third Wednesday of each month. During winter, social bowls are played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition there are special days such as Melbourne Cup Day, Australia Day, Margaret Cunningham Mentor Day and the Opening of the Greens Event.

We wear uniforms for pennant games, championship finals and some special days nominated by the club.

Donvale Bowls is affiliated with Yarra Bowls Region, Bowls Victoria and Bowls Australia

There is a Greens Director (a member of ‘INC’) and a greenskeeper (a contractor) who looks after the grass green.

The gardens are looked after by club members who volunteer to work in the gardens.

​Manningham City Council. We occupy the site under leases with the Council.

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