Weight Control Delivery

October 2013 edition

Recently I was in Halifax, Canada, coaching an Elbows squad member who is a member of the Canadian national team, who wanted to seek solution to the dilemma we all have with inconsistent weight control.

As we trained I was made aware from comment made by numerous people observing our week long training, that players, and coaches, generally are not conscious of their starting position as they start their delivery.

To bowl to a longer length they ‘hurl the bowl harder’, to go shorter they seem to ‘flick it’ hoping this less weight feel will result in a shorter bowl.

In both cases they do get that result, sometimes.

Back home we call it, never up never in- what a waste of time; gain skill people.

My point-

by knowing precisely how you stand (posture), the height at which you naturally hold the ball aloft in pre delivery mode (let’s say that may be hip height for this comment), and, the amount of flex in the knees, yes the knees people, “benz the knees”, are all factors of a ‘measurable’ or ‘observable’ pre delivery mode starting point so as to be able to make (physical) adjustment.

If you need to deliver to a longer length, you may need to raise your hand higher from that known position in pre delivery mode (I said for example it is hip height) to now have the hand held with bowl at waist height- that may be only a few inches/ cm however the resultant pendulum of backswing and follow through will suffice with your natural delivery action to take the bowl that further distance.

Should you need to deliver for a shorter length, start at your pre delivery mode then lower the bowl in hand to a height which might equate to the bottom of your shorts, or skirt, and by lessening the pendulum the bowl only goes that shorter distance.

You did not change your action, you may not have even raised or lowered your body, via the knees altering the posture, you simply extended or reduced the pendulum from what is your known base pendulum position at pre delivery mode.

Were you aware of that pre delivery position mode you have!

Simply, superb body weight transfer provides the effective weight control delivery.

QED when we applied it in Halifax, people…you ought see the fluency, indeed rhythm and symmetry, of this lady delivering these bowls now. All class, naturally being in Elbows.

Lachlan Tighe, October, 2013

P.S….my book “Winning becomes You, in lawn bowls’ is available after the formal launch on 27 November, 2013.