To Tick or Not To Tick.

1              Your team is holding two shots. The skip asks you to draw to the jack; you do so, but with perhaps a metre too much weight. Result, you move the kitty and you loose the advantage and go one down.      No tick – not mat length


2              Same as in 1. The result this time is that you trail the jack a metre, stay with it and still retain the shot. You have gone down from two to one shot.  No tick – not mat length. Measure is of achieving mat length not getting or loosing shot.


3              The skip asks you to draw to the jack, but this time you are a metre or so wide and get a wick off an earlier short bowl and your bowl stops within a mat length of the jack.    Tick


4              You are asked to do an upshot and remove an opponent’s bowl that the skip has designated. All goes well and the bowl is removed to your side’s advantage.    Tick


5              Same as in 4 but this time, the bowl you took out takes the jack with it and your side goes one shot down.  Tick


6              You have been asked to remove an opponent’s bowl and your bowl passed within a bowls width of the target. Tick


7              Two bowls belonging to the opposition are resting together, your skip asks you to remove the one on your left, but you go a little narrow and your bowl passes a little to the right of the opposition’s right hand bowl. No Tick


8              Your skip wants a long bowl and asks you to place your bowl 2 metres behind and to the left of kitty to cover opposition bowls. All goes as planned and you finish up within a mat length of the point designated. Tick


9              Same request as in 8, but this time you are a little short and stop within a mat length behind the jack and add to your score. No Tick



The Criteria is as follows:


Tick if,


1              The bowl finishes within one mat length of the designated target

( which could be the jack or another position the skip designates )


2              In the case of an upshot targeting an opposition bowl, either hitting the target or passing no more than one bowls width from the target.


3              If an upshot is targeting 2 bowls or more you need to touch the target, no tick

for a near miss.


4          No Ticks are to be awarded for a “Dead” end.