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Members’ Newsletter – September 2018
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Having just returned from 3 weeks holiday, I don’t have much to report this month. But a few points of note are –
Major Projects
We now have a timeline from Council for the consolidated projects of kitchen renovations, our proposed outdoor area and new hockey facilities. The planned schedule is –
• 1 September: Complete and agree plans (no changes to the already agreed kitchen plans).
• September – November: Detailed design.
• January – March: Quotation.
• March: Award contract.
• April – September: Construction.
Opening of the Greens
Our Opening Day will be held on Sunday, 30 September. This year we intend recognising, applauding and rewarding the great spirit of volunteering we have at our club. It will be great day, so please note the date in your diary.
New Members
A big welcome to new members Michael Yan and Jurgen Deich. You can both be assured of friendships and enjoyable bowling (both social and competitive) at Donvale.
2018/19 Pennant Season
This will be the last Newsletter before pennant starts. So, I take this opportunity to wish everyone a successful and, most importantly, an enjoyable season. Good luck and go Donvale.

Chairman Donvale Bowls Club

President’s Chatter      

Following last month’s much larger input from P& C in which we sort feedback, if you read it we have received no response?
That can mean a couple of things – no one read it – or no one wants to deliver bad news.
We would appreciate your input, ideas etc. please forward to “The Editor” Margaret Cunningham

Winter coaching development program finished this week and Pennant practice started on Thursday 30/8/18.
Rowan has run the winter program except for his 1-day annual leave with his enthusiasm and endeavoured to provide as much bowls development with having fun and enjoyable program.
Included in the program was introduction of our new “game plan”, updated roles in teams”, “26 bowls player assessment test”, “building a head” and much more.
All feedback has been positive.
I would also like to thank all those that made the time to attend the session and trust they will now implement what they have learnt and in addition thank Rowan for another great program for the club.

Monthly Player meetings. (Starting 20th September 2018).
Neil Dusting is our coordinator for this initiative.
Two dinners were held last year and will run monthly and we are looking the get these meeting into players diaries hence they will be conducted on the 3rd Thursday monthly (except for December) this season.
Meal will be catered for by our “in house catering expert” Jan Shield.
The dinners are a chance for players to meet and socialise, bond with others, speeches will be a short. Neil may even be looking for input on what we could do add to the sessions.

Dinner will be after pennant practice and for both Saturday and Tuesday and interested social bowlers i.e. all from 5.30 until around 7.00 p.m.

Quote for the Month – “always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

Graham Howard
President Pennant & Championship Committee

Saturday & Midweek Pennant Sections

In the absence of both our Chairman – one in Norfolk Island the other recovering from surgery (probably wished he was on Norfolk Island). We have a combined report.
Practice games or organised, teams are up, and ready to go – Saturday start against Eltham on 1/9/18 and Tuesday are intra club starting Tuesday 4/9/18.

Information sessions start for pennant start Wednesday 5th September 2018 5.30 p.m. with a sausage sizzle at the club and Tuesday 18th September 2018 after Tuesday practice with a bring a plate.
Sale of club coloured shirts / jackets / vests and caps is underway.

Those still looking for uniforms can contact David Bill or Geoff Smith

Go Donvale.

Chairman of Saturday Selectors

Chairman of Tuesday Selectors

Championship Committee

Entries for the 2018/19 Club championship events are now open.
• Men’s and Women’s Singles close on Sunday 23rd September.
Finals need to be played by mid-January, so winners can compete in the Region’s Champion of Champions events.
You may have been approached by a committee member for singles events or already entered.
If not please contact:
Graeme Shaw 8848 0812 0417 137 167
Margaret Cunningham 0417 532 847
Richard Davis 0438 505 433

• Men’s and Women’s Pairs, 100-up, Minor and Mixed Pairs and Open Triples close on Saturday 6th October (the first day of Pennant).
Entry forms for these events are available at the notice board and on the Club’s website.

Entry fee remains unchanged at $7.00 per event per member which ideally is to be paid at the time of entry.
Please support your Club by entering one or more events. Remember, the viability of some events needs your support – particularly some of the women’s events.
It’s your Club and we look forward to your ongoing involvement.

Chairman of Championship Committee

Bandit (1)

New Members Day – Sunday 14th October -11am – 5pm
Rob Fairweather is working his usual miracles – community boards will shortly go up; 15000 flyers are being printed and folded ready for delivery; promotion is well in hand with local papers (including Warrandyte……….) Australian Seniors and Manningham Matters and still time for anyone he has missed. Go Stormy.
Recent Newsflash outlined the delivery program being organised and we now need your support.

Rob Fairweather
Bandit 1


Grass Green:
The surface has been aerated and fertilised in mid August and the rains came down as requested by Greenkeeper Shane. A tinge of green was noticed by Graeme Morrison, his trained eye assuring me that we are in for a very good surface for the coming Pennant season. Lines will be marked soon and anybody able to assist please contact Des Powell as he will convene this activity.
Artificial Green:
No doubt everybody has noticed how clean the ditches are! The new vacuum is proving quick and easy. I am seeking an apprentice for this job, as I will be away for most of September, I can show any enthusiast the location and use of the Vacuum upon application.
Cheers and good bowling to all.


The clean-up of the club has been put back to Sunday 16th September at 10.00am. There is quite a bit of work to do on the day so please turn up ready to clean the outside areas as well as the inside areas of the club house.
We have the first function using the club house on Friday 21st September and we would like to have the club looking at its best.
The trading table is being started again so Barbara Drew 9848 1976 and Norma Juchno 0417 558 237 would like to be contacted if you have some items for the Trading table. This is an important fundraiser for the club so please help Barbara and Norma where you can.
I would like to thank Geoff Smith for the organisation for the Norfolk Island trip and all I have spoken to have had a great time. A wonderful effort with about 50 attending from Donvale including a few from other clubs travelling with us.
I would also like to thank Jeff and Marilyn Grant for their wonderful organisation on Saturday winter competitions. Peter Hanslow with Barry and Julie Wilkins for their wonderful work on Tuesday winter bowling and Jan Shield for the soup and a roll which proved very popular. And finally Des Powell for organising the Wednesday winter bowls and some of Saturday as well. All winter programs have been well attended and provided great bowling opportunities during winter. There have also been several others that have made the winter bowls run smoothly such as Lindsay Ridgwell, Stormy, Kim Hemburrow and Virginia McGuinness who I know have also contributed. For others I may have overlooked thanks also for helping the club run these programs.
Later in September we will be canvassing if there is interest in bowling on Sunday afternoons from say 1.00pm from October onwards particularly for non-pennant bowlers but all bowlers are welcome.

President Non Pennant Bowls & Social Events Committee


Stupid Sam is well known around the club for being somewhat thick.
Despite being told a number of times that mobile phones are not allowed on the green, he decided that he would take his new Huawei with him when he went out to play in the opening game of the season.
Just as the opposing team’s lead was delivering his opening bowl, the new Huawei rang out loud and clear. The opposing team’s skip immediately yelled “Umpire!”
The club’s oldest and grumpiest umpire was within earshot anyway and had heard Stupid Sam’s phone ring. He immediately came to the rink of play and decided that an instantaneous penalty had to apply to Stupid Sam and his team. The penalty was that the end in play was regarded as completed and the opposition were awarded 8 shots.
A chastened Stupid Sam put the phone back into his pocket, but forgot to turn it off before he did so. The phone rang again during the next end and the umpire was again called. This time the penalty was that Stupid Sam was suspended from the game. Stupid Sam was shocked about this and asked his side manager to get Umpire Grumpy to show him the relevant law.
Umpire Grumpy got out his copy of the Bowls Victoria Rules for Competition 2018-2019 and showed Stupid Sam and his side manager Rule 15 relating to personal electronic devices and Rules 17 relating to instantaneous penalties which prescribe precisely the course of action taken by Umpire Grumpy.
Please note that the instantaneous penalties can also be applied for bad behaviour, smoking on the green and consuming alcohol on the green. A penalty applied to one player in a team is considered to be a penalty on all players in that team. An umpire imposed penalty cannot be contested, disregarded or appealed.
Please also note that the last thing an umpire wants on match day is a call to sort out breaches of the rules for competition, to say nothing of the report to Bowls Victoria that the umpire must make following the sort of incident referred to above.

Coach & Umpire

Norfolk Island 2018

Saturday 18th August…2.15pm… Flight 764 touched down at Norfolk Island.
The cargo…38 Donvale, 5 Doncaster and 2 North Balwyn bowls club members.
Residence for the next 7 nights the Governor’s Lodge.
Making travel around the island simple, a rental car was included for each apartment during their stay.

On our first evening, a prearranged and delightful welcome dinner.
David Mattiazzo on behalf of all those in attendance, thanked Geoff Smith, for a remarkable job coordinating and ensuring it all came together.
With Harry Belafonte unfortunately struck down with a virus, we enjoyed the dulcet tones of Graeme Morrison with a fine rendition and standing ovation of “Island in the Sun”.

Sunday morning the bowling tournament commenced, included were visiting clubs from around Australia, men’s and of course, our friendly, and accommodating hosts, Norfolk Island Bowls Club.
Men’s consisted of seven teams in four sections, over the pursuing days playing each other, the top two in each section qualifying for the first semi final.
Despite some commendable performances, Geoff Smith, David Mattiazzo and Richard Hanson the only Donvale team to qualify and win money in their division. Terry Cooper and his team most unlucky, just failing in his section, to qualify by a miniscule margin.
The overall winners ($1000 each) were from Norfolk Island, a handy team who had also won Bronze at the last Commonwealth Games.

Winners are grinners! Now all somewhat richer for the experience.

Geoff Smith                                         Anna Brady
David Mattiazzo                                  Jan Meehan
Richard Hanson                                  Helen Milner

The ladies consisted of one section only, comprising 10 teams, all playing each other, the top four teams qualifying played finals and received prize money. Anna Brady (Skipper) Jan Meehan (Third) and Helen Milner (Lead) our wonderful Donvale ladies qualified ($100 each), and were extremely competitive and gallant in defeat over the journey, I should add, playing against the eventual winners, again, a Commonwealth Games skipper.

On the Friday, Roy Riley and his bowling /fishing partners chartered a boat, their expertise with rod and line ensuring the days catch, by prior arrangement, was prepared and cooked by the Governors Lodge chef providing a magnificent fish fry for those members attending that evening.
In summary, I believe most who attended enjoyed their bowling and time together, it provided such a great opportunity to mingle and socialize.
Our neighbours, the small Doncaster and North Balwyn consortium became such great company also, participating and involved, growing our friendship and respect.

Stormy! (Donvale’s Special on the Spot Correspondent)


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