Weekend Pennant Duty Rink Responsibilities


BEFORE THE GAME                After arriving at the club at 11.30 duties are :

OUTSIDE:        Put out corner flags and Club banners, raise Australian and Club flags (in shed) and locate umpire’s box in accessible position.

                        Put out mats, jacks, switch on both water coolers and check for adequate cups.

                        Locate bowls scoops at either end of rinks and clear scoreboards.

                        Unlock outside toilet entry door and arrange for checking of toilet rolls & towels.

                        Ensure outside seating is clean.  If hot unfurl shade-cloth.

INSIDE:            Set up urn table, check water in urn, provide polystyrene cups, teabags, coffee, sugar, milk in china jug, teaspoons and dish for rubbish.   Put out container of   biscuits. 

Before game commences, place any remaining milk in fridge and ensure urn has sufficient water in for afternoon tea break and is left on.

                        Check number of rinks and set up tables with rink numbers.  Place plastic container for rubbish, dish of lucky numbers and container for money on each table.     Place numbers barrel from under bar servery on a free table.

                        Set up trays with 8 polystyrene cups, teapot (4 teapot bags), hot water pot, sugar, coffee jar, teaspoons in holder.   Fill appropriate number of jugs with milk and place in fridge.   Ensure biscuit containers each have a mix of dry and sweet.


OUTSIDE:        Take down flags and return to shed.  Return banners, corner flags, mats, jacks, umpire’s box to shed.   Lock shed.

                        Leave bowls scoops in shelters.   Switch off water coolers.   Lock outside doors to toilets.

INSIDE:            At the conclusion of the game, two duty rink players from the first duty rink who return into the clubhouse shall take over from the afternoon tea volunteer to continue serving the hot food.

                        Wash dim sim steamer, pie warmer trays and utensils.  Return trays to pie warmer and move to passage.  Dim sim steamer is stored on floor under bench.

                        Tip out any remaining milk in jugs and wash and store under bench.  Wipe all tables clean.

                        Clear rubbish bins and take bags to wheelie bins in wire enclosure adjacent hockey fence.   Lock internal passage doors to toilets.

                        Ensure air conditioning and lights are turned off.