Risk Management Plan

Donvale Bowls Club Inc

Risk Management Plan for Greens and Surrounds



Actions to minimise risk

Injury caused by tripping and falling.

  • Bowlers advised not to walk backwards.
  • Bowls to be clustered together 2 meters behind the mat at the start of each end.
  • Bowlers advised to step carefully to and from the green and use the assist posts if necessary.
  • All gear (including bowls bags and scoops) are to be kept clear of walkways.
  • Bowlers are to be informed of slippery or wet surfaces.

Inadequate evacuation in an emergency.

  • All players and visitors are to be evacuated to either the car park or the synthetic green – depending on the emergency.
  • All attendees are to be accounted for after the evacuation.

Inadequate response to injury or illness.

  • First aid kits are kept in the pavilion and in the equipment shed (a thermal blanket and pillow are included).
  • Fixed line and mobile telephones are available for calls to emergency services.
  • Use the “STOP” injury management procedure as outlined in the coaching manual.

Extreme weather conditions.

  • All members must abide by the extreme weather rules set by Bowls Victoria, and
  • note that we all have a duty of care to ensure player safety.
  • Sunscreen lotion is provided in each toilet.
  • Chilled drinking water and paper cups are available on both greens.