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Members’ Newsletter – October 2018
Official Newsletter of Donvale Bowls Club Inc.,
PO Box 1312, Doncaster East 3109
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Editor: Margaret Cunningham
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Sunday 30 September saw a very successful Opening of the Greens for season 2018/19. There were about 80 people present including special guests Ryan Smith (the State Member for Warrandyte), Andrew Conlon (Mullum Mullum Ward Councillor and Mayor) and Greg Lipschitz (Summit Group). My thanks to Mal Shield and Peter Hanslow for organising such a great day.
Besides enjoying a friendly game of bowls, the focus of the day was to celebrate the club’s 30th birthday and to recognise and thank our marvellous (and large) band of volunteers. Highlights of the day were –
• A magnificent 30th birthday cake made and decorated by Jan Shield. The official cutting of the cake was performed by our four Foundation Members present – Margaret Pepper, Fred Davenport, Jim Morrison and Noel Van Den Berg.
• First showing of a video celebrating our 30 years. Further availability of the video will be advised soon by Mal Shield.
• Presentation of a plaque of appreciation to Greg Lipschitz for his sponsorship of the club in that he and his company, Summit, built our website from scratch about 10 to 11 years ago and have continued to maintain it, provide a host platform, keep the domain name registered, and provide all sorts of technical support – all at no cost to us. I expect such services would ordinarily have cost us many thousands of dollars.
• Presentation of 10 year badges to David Bill, Joy and Roy Riley, Ann Henry and Peter Mason, and 20 year medallions to Graham Howard and Tari Mallia.
• Display of a comprehensive list of our volunteers (at least as comprehensive as I could make it). There are 280 names on the list, yes some appear more than once, but it is an indicator of how lucky we are to have such a loyal and supportive band of members.
• Ryan Smith announced a $20,000 grant to the club, provided the Liberal Nationals win the State election in November. I think it is worthwhile repeating part of Ryan’s associated press release – “The 30 year old club has been dubbed Melbourne’s friendliest bowls club and it is not hard to see why. The membership is lively, energetic and very welcoming to new members and the community alike. With so much social activity going on at the Club, it is important that the facilities keep pace with the requirements of this vibrant club.” Ryan concluded his press release with some personal comments – “There is always a bright and happy atmosphere at Donvale Bowls Club, with everyone pitching in to make their gatherings welcoming and hospitable. I am delighted to be able to support these bowlers and the Donvale Bowls Club.”
Finally, a big welcome to Dawn Benson and Helen Morihovitis, our two newest members. I am sure you will enjoy the friendships and bowling at Donvale.

Chairman Donvale Bowls Club


Are we really all part of the same team?
Sponsorship is an integral and crucial element in the successful operation of sporting clubs, DBC being no exception. Sponsors contribute significantly in support of the club, but more importantly help to build and promote the culture and identity of the club. They are a key element, which enables the club to keep membership subscriptions to amongst the lowest in the state and certainly in our region. We should also be aware that the facilities in and around the club aren’t all paid out of membership fees. I would remind all members, that sponsors money covers much of the expenditure towards these costs and I would sincerely hope that we are not wasting a valuable resource.
Prospecting for sponsorship can be equally as rewarding as it can be demoralising. No one likes to get knock backs when holding out cap in hand to ask for money. Conversely when we are successful we have to ensure that the sponsors get value for money, lest we lose the support which they give, in good faith to the club.
Of recent times the management committee has noted that we have slow moving inventory of various items of apparel, in particular “Bandits” caps and stubby holders etc which are all available to purchase as needed. Members should be aware that the Bandits caps can be worn for all Pennant and tournament events where players are representing the club.
Sadly, there appears to be some reluctance to embrace the Bandits concept and to adopt, if not adapt this logo to our Clubs culture and identity. Much effort has been made to build a unique modern entity/culture of the DBC. We must all look to the future and not the past. We are after all a sporting club in a modern and dynamic age. Dare it be said, that for the thousands of football fanatics, we all know that the Magpies are Collingwood, that Hawthorn are the Hawks etc etc and when all is said and done they are first and foremost football clubs with strong history and club culture who identify more by their logo than their name. It is hoped that DBC members would similarly express these sentiments about our Club and so be proud to promote the Donvale Bowls Club with the Bandits logo .There is nothing to be embarrassed about to be able to say you are a member of the Donvale Bandits Bowls Club.

So again I ask  “Are we really all part of the same team?”

Vice Chairman Donvale Bowls Club

President’s Chatter

Monthly Player meetings
REMINDER – Pennant & Social Monthly Dinner
Third Thursday monthly – 18th October 2018Meal will be catered for by our “in house catering expert” Jan Shield. Dinner will be after pennant practice and for both Saturday and Tuesday and interested social bowlers i.e. all from 5.30 until around 7.00 p.m.
If you are not practicing, you can join the fun at 5.30 p.m.

The dinners are a chance for players to meet and socialise, bond with others, speeches will be a short. Neil will be looking for input on what we could do add to the sessions.

Club Monthly Dinners: Our first dinner was a great success, 45 attended, meal was great, plenty of chatter and speeches restricted. Presentations were awarded for the “person most needing a rule book” – Bill Duggan, “Best at Training (BAT award)” Ian Heap.
If you have any Suitable award and nomination, please let Neil Dusting know.
PENNANT for 2018/19 is underway with Midweek first round completed and Saturday season to start next Saturday. Club Championships are getting underway – see articles below.
P&C trust you all enjoy your season and have fun – however it has been proven that when you win you have more fun.
Quote for the Month – “There is only one way to avoid criticism, do nothing, say noting, and be nothing.” – Aristotle

Graham Howard
President Pennant & Championship Committee

President of Vice

It’s good to see the happy faces returning from warmer fields afar and adjusting to our magnificent synthetic and grass greens. There has certainly been a buzz around the club with summer practice sessions, working bee, committee meetings, club dinner, first day of midweek pennant and commitment forms to be completed for more to come.
We all just need to keep improving the quality of our games now as we focus on winning each pennant game and enjoying our bowls.

Ray Bridger
President of Vice

Bandit (1)
New Members Day Update!

I can report most of the flyers have already been collected, and will shortly be destined for their respective territories and letter boxes.
Flyer delivery so important Sunday 30th September – Friday 5th October.

My personal thanks and appreciation to all the members who so generously signed up, volunteered their time, and ensured this important club project became a reality.
I sincerely trust come New Members Day Sunday 14th October you will be justifiably rewarded for your efforts.

The Doncaster / Donvale terrain in itself can be challenging and hand delivering 15,000 flyers is an extremely ambitious target, but I should add, barely a contest for our irrepressible and fleet a foot members!

Special thanks to Parkes Real Estate for their generous and ongoing support with the funding of our flyers and the road signage boards.
The incredible editorial support and content this year from Leader Newspaper Warrandyte Diary, Seniors Australia, and Manningham Matters.

My personal thanks to Graham Howard who ensured a challenge became a reality, and Margaret Cunningham, as always, so supportive and at the ready, ensuring the news and updates on our progress reached you the members.

For those members who also offered their services and expertise for the 14th a notice will be forthcoming in the next few days.

Well, with your efforts and support, the preparatory work is almost complete, all is in readiness for our big day.

Again, well done!

Rob Fairweather
Bandit 1


All Club Members / partners welcome.


If you cannot attend practice join us at 5.30 p.m.

Catering by “in house guru” Jan Shield
COST $15.00 for those having a meal.

M.C. by Public request NEIL DUSTING
Who is tasked with ensuring –Special recognition awards / no boring speeches

Sign up sheet now down at the Club.

ENQUIRIES – Neil Dusting 0430 844 259

Neil Dusting
Bandit 2

Saturday Pennant

We have played 3 practice games against other clubs to prepare ourselves for season 2018/19.
Unfortunately, 1 has been washed out, however the games played have given the selectors the opportunity to look at newer bowlers pushing for spots in higher teams.
The practice game for grand final day amongst ourselves with 64 players playing.

Attendance at practice and practice games has been a real bonus for the club, well done to all.

Round 1 gets under way the first Saturday after grand final day where it appears we may not need to call on emergencies for that game which is a resulting directly from the increase in the committed player numbers because of Rob (Stormy) Fairweather’s very effective recruiting drives.

Chairman of Saturday Selectors

Midweek Pennant

We have completed our first round of Pennant with the results being 3 Wins & 4 losses.
I would like to thank our Members both emergences and our members for filling in as we still have a few people away on holidays. We were in the process of forfeiting our 7th side but with everybody stepping in we fielded all our teams if for being 2 short
once more a big thank you from the selection team.
Just remember Thursday Practice begins 10 am all welcome.

Let’s enjoy the season and have a great year.

Chairman of Tuesday Selectors

Championship Committee

The draws for both the Men’s and Women’s Singles and Pairs were completed last Tuesday and are posted on the notice board.
To maintain our timetable for the championships program and to allow for our Club Singles champions to enter and complete in the Region Champion of Champions events, both finals will be played on Sunday 13th January 2019. Details are also included in the Club 2018/19 Handbook which will shortly be available to members.
Ladies, please note that the Singles timetable states that your championships will be decided over 5 rounds. As there are only 8 entrants, your championships will now be decided over 3 rounds and the published schedule has been updated.
Round 1 – by Sunday 28th October 2018
Round 2 – by Sunday 2nd December 2018
FINAL – played on Sunday 13th January 2019
Closing dated for all other events:
Men’s & Women’s Minor
Men’s & Women’s 100 Up
Men’s & Women’s Pairs
Mixed Pairs
Open Triples
close on Saturday 6th October – the first day of Saturday pennant.
If you have not yet entered and plan to do so, please contact:
Graeme Shaw 8848 0812 0417 137 167
Margaret Cunningham 0417 532 847
Richard Davis 0438 505 433

Your Committee will monitor the progress of all events. At our discretion, failure to complete matches by the due date may result in both players or teams being withdrawn from the competition.

Yarra Regional Championships:
Events closing during October are:
Novice Singles (Men & Women) Monday 15th October
Pairs (Men & Women) Monday 22rd October
Fours (Men & Women) Monday 22th October
If you plan to enter any event/s please add your name to the relevant entry form on the notice board in the club rooms or contact Graeme Shaw.

Chairman of Championship Committee


Now that the greens are now open officially we are looking forward to a great season.
Thank you to all that participated in the clean-up day. We had a good number of volunteers with about 25 people in attendance cleaning the club house and surrounds as well as grooming the synthetic green and preparing the shelters for the new shade cloth and painting. A lot of work was done in a short and the rubbish removed with the aid of the utes from David Mattiazzo and Richard Aumann.
There were some memorabilia found in the storage shed which we have put in the hallway. If you are interested in having the memorabilia, please take what you like. What is not removed will be thrown out.
The next function will be the cup day function. A sign-up book will be placed in the usual position and it will be advertised on the tables in the advertising displays on each table. We are planning to have some trivia questions and some other fun activities during cup day as well as all the usual activities, so it should be a great day. We look forward to a good turn up to make it a great day.
The Christmas raffle is an important fund raiser for our club, so we are asking for donations for the baskets.
• Food and drink items only for the baskets please
• Cash is very acceptable as we have specific things we need to purchase
• If you have good clean baskets, then they would also be very helpful
Please donate to Anna Brady on 0417 580 842 or Mal Shield 0409 100 243
David Mattiazzo provides professional knife sharpening which is a good fund raiser for the Christmas raffle. Having had our knives sharpened from time to time it is great to have properly sharpened knives.
Please contact David Mattiazzo on 9842 5436
The trading table is again in operation, so we are keen to receive items for the trading table.
Please contact Barbara Drew on 9848 1976 or Norma Juchno on 0417 558 237
A sign-up book will be asking for members interested in a social bowls competition on Sunday afternoons at 1.00pm starting later in October if there is enough interest. We will be encouraging new members signed up through the membership drive to attend on Sundays. We will need a minimum of 16 interested to kick of the activity.

President Non Pennant Bowls & Social Events Committee






Helpful Herbert and Nasty Norm remained as thirds for their respective teams, much to their disgust.
In an effort to annoy Helpful Herbert as much as possible in what was a tense, tight game, Nasty Norm proceeded to walk in front of Helpful Herbert whenever he delivered his second bowl so that Helpful Herbert couldn’t follow the path of the bowl.
On the second last end it all became too much for Helpful Herbert and he yelled “Umpire!” Nasty Norm’s club’s newest and keenest umpire rushed up clutching his law book which, unlike some umpires, he had read and reread so that he was very familiar with the laws relating to possession of the rink.
The story was explained to the umpire and he immediately called Nasty Norm and Nasty Norm’s skip to come to him. He warned them that possession of the rink belonged to the team whose bowl was being played and that the players at the mat end who are not delivering a bowl must remain at least one metre behind the mat until the delivered bowl has come to rest. He also told them that if Nasty Norm repeated his trick the law required that the last bowl played by his team would be declared dead.
While all this was going on the other rinks finished their games and Donvale was one shot down on the main board. Nasty Norm’s team got a further shot when their second last end was completed and therefore Donvale needed three shots to win.
On the last end Donvale was holding four shots when Nasty Norm played his last bowl. Nasty Norm drew a resting toucher. With a snigger Nasty Norm told Helpful Herbert ”beat that”. Helpful Herbert stepped onto the mat and played his last bowl. Nasty Norm had obviously forgotten what the umpire had told him and he walked in front of Helpful Herbert. Helpful Herbert didn’t have to call the umpire. The umpire was extremely conscientious and was waiting until all rinks had finished before going in for a well earned drink. He saw what was going on and immediately declared Nasty Norm’s last bowl dead. Donvale was in front again! Nasty Norm’s skip couldn’t alter the situation and Donvale won the match.
Was the umpire right?
Umpire Barry says he was. Law 12 Position of players and Law 13 Possession of the rink apply.
Note: Every week we see players walking in front of the third when his or her bowl is in course. Please don’t do it. It’s not only contrary to the law and will possibly cost your team, but very discourteous as well.

Coach & Umpire



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• PARKES PROPERTY – 906 Doncaster Rd. Doncaster East. 9840 1111 For all Real Estate needs – Contact Managing Director – Linda Linmeiers.
• RANCIE Financial Planning – Jon Rancie – Level 4, 420 Collins Street, Melbourne 9671 4990 email jon@ranciefinancial.com.au
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• CRAIG GATHERGOOD – Maintenance & General Plumbing 9842 1334 or 0407 057 231 – licenced plumber.
• Café Julia – Farhad and Bobby. More details will be advised. Cafe Julia is located at 78 Jackson Court, Doncaster East. Great coffee & vanilla slices.