November 2018 Newsletter

Members’ Newsletter – November 2018
Official Newsletter of Donvale Bowls Club Inc.,
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Editor: Margaret Cunningham
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Try Bowls / Open Day
A very successful day on Sunday 14 October, with 42 new members signed up so far. A great effort from our loyal band of volunteers, both on the day and beforehand with leaflet drops. Particular thanks must go to Rob Fairweather and Margaret Cunningham for their tireless and thorough efforts in organising and running the day.
Our challenge now is to warmly welcome each new member into our club, keep them engaged and make sure they are aware of the facilities and bowling options available at Donvale.
Which leads to …….

Membership Retention
Rob McAnally has conducted a survey of recently departed members to determine if there is any trend in the reasons for people leaving. The good news is that the principal reason for resignations is personal circumstances, and there appears to be no club related issues that influenced their decision. So we just need to continue to (a) offer our warm and friendly welcome to all new members, (b) support (and perhaps extend) our social bowling programs, and (c) provide coaching options and support for all new members.

Ask the Umpire
The much anticipated and eagerly read monthly article from our umpiring guru, Barry Wilkins, has reached beyond our club audience, with another club requesting permission to reproduce them in their newsletter. As a caring and sharing club we have agreed, so long as Barry and Donvale BC are recognised. Congratulation Barry, well done (with thanks also to Helpful Herbert and Nasty Norm).

Chairman Donvale Bowls Club


President’s Chatter

Congratulations to Neil Dusting (MC Monthly Dinners).
We have now had our second dinner for this season and to date these dinners have great and feedback has been positive.
We hope the nights will continue to grow from here. Well done Neil.

November Dinner is Thursday 15th November 2018.
Dinner is after pennant practice and for both Saturday and Tuesday and interested social bowlers i.e. ALL members / partners and starts at all 5.30 until around 7.30 p.m.
• If you are not practicing, you can join the fun at 5.30 p.m.
• Catering by Donvale’s own guru Jan Shield
• Cost $15.00
• Director and MC – Neil Dusting
• Enquiries Neil 0430 844 259 or Graham 0411 132 838
Signup sheet is now down at the club. (Numbers needed for catering).
Quote for the Month –

Note the same goes for beating a team that never gives up…..

Go Donvale

Graham Howard
President Pennant & Championship Committee

Bandit (1)

New Members Day
The success of our New Members Day, Sunday 14th October 2018 is now almost done and dusted!
With your help and encouragement, conservatively, 42 new financial members registered and hopefully will spend many productive years in our company.
Let’s hopefully overcome the nonbelievers, by recruiting and retaining.

A New Members Night will be held on Monday 29th October, inviting, and bringing together the respective Committee members and those who recently joined us.
Encouragingly, we have received acceptances from 38 of the 42 who signed up on the day.

During the evening, new members packs will be presented by Chairman Jeff and a light but entertaining Q & A by Barry Wilkins, outlining and answering the many queries and questions our new brigade may have.

The important role of our mentors will follow the New Members night.
Each mentor has such an important part to play, ensuring those who recently joined are informed, aware of what our club can provide them, coaching social bowls, social outings, ability to roll up at any time etc.
Each mentor will be responsible for a maximum of (2) new members, and expect to stay in touch weekly, for just a month.

Lots of new faces will be appearing at your club, all in need of help and encouragement, introduce yourself, ensure they receive the traditional Donvale welcome!
Just remember when you were at that learning stage.

Rob Fairweather
Bandit 1

Saturday Pennant

The first four rounds of Saturday pennant have got off to a reasonable start with our best day being Round 4 when five of the six teams had wins. A great result for the day. The selectors have also been relying on their very committed emergency players as we have had some fourteen players unavailable each week, we really appreciate the commitment of the emergency players over these weeks.

Donvale has committed to entering one team of twelve players in the night pennant competition this season with the season commencing Nov 13 with the last home and away game scheduled for February 26, 2019. We are looking forward to some positive competition and some balmy nights.

Chairman of Saturday Selectors

Midweek Pennant

Our season is not exactly where we would like to be at this stage, but I think it will
turn around soon. Our practice on Thursday mornings will only improve everybody who attends, the number of our members that turn up for our session with Barry Ferguson will only get better with the drills he puts us through as long as we remember to carry them into the games on Tuesday.

The Ladder after 5 Rounds
Team 1   7th 2 Wins
Team 2   5th 3 Wins
Team 3   1st 4 Wins
Team 4   8th 1 Win
Team 5   10th 1 Win
Team 6   10th 1 Win
Team 7   7th 2 Wins

Let’s all work together for a better result going forward

Chairman of Tuesday Selectors

Championship Committee

Our Club Championships Events
The draw for all Club Championship events was completed during October.
For members who have entered 1 or more events, please check the notice board and ensure your games are played by the due date/s, particularly triples as the first round MUST be played before Christmas.

Yarra Region Events
Entries for the following Yarra Region section of State Title Championships close during November:
Men’s & Women’s Singles close 12/11/2018
Men’s & Women’s Triples close 26/11/2018
If you are planning to enter, please add your name/s to the relevant entry form on the notice board inside the club rooms.

Donvale is already on the winner’s board for Yarra Region – with Rowan Sharp winning the Over 60, s Men’s Singles with a good performance from Ian Bramstedt. In the Over 60’s Pairs Sheldon Lipschitz / Tari Mallia eliminated Rowan Sharp / Jeff Grant in the finals however could not go all the way.

Really outstanding performances.

Chairman of Championship Committee


Grass Green
Due to persistent rain on the 20th I decided in consultation with others to make the grass unavailable, as it was slippery in some areas, and there was some danger of damage to the surface. I apologise to those that missed their day of bowling as a result of this. I have heard the complaints that other clubs did not close their grass greens and played on, whereas others shut their greens very early in the day. I can only say that all greens are different and all have different weather patterns to deal with, I prefer to not take the risk to bowlers and to protect the surface, keeping in mind that the greens are our most precious asset.
Artificial Green
Thanks to those who did the grooming and lines in my absence, the ditches have been vacuumed and I think the surface looks great.

Greens Director


Christmas Raffle
The Christmas raffle is on again this year. We are taking donations of non-perishable food and wine. Please put your donations in the baskets in the club rooms. Cash donations please pay directly to Jan Meehan, Anna Brady or Mal Shield. This is a major fundraiser for the club so we would really appreciate your support.
Jan Meehan 9844 2341
Anna Brady 0417 580 842
Mal Shield 0409 100 243
Sunday Bowls
Sunday bowls will start on the 11th November at 1.00pm till 3.00pm. There is a sign-up book at the club and all those interested in a social game are welcome, especially our new members. The cost of the game will be $7 and will most likely be a 2-4-2 format but will depend on numbers attending. Prizes will be given as well.
Mike Meehan 9844 2341
Mal Shield 0409 100 243

Christmas Spit Roast Dinner
The Christmas dinner will be on Sunday the 2nd December. Pre-dinner drinks and nibbles will start at 6.00pm with the 2-course dinner starting at 7.00pm. It will be a fun evening with a quiz, raffles and maybe a visit from Santa. Cost is $30 per head. Please put the money in an envelope with your name on the front.

President Non Pennant Bowls & Social Events Committee


Helpful Herbert and Nasty Norm were both a bit on the glum side. Neither had been performing well as skip and therefore they had both been “demoted” to third. As luck would have it they were opposed to each other. Neither of them were very proficient when it came to measuring and each of them continually leaned over bowls in contention rather than taking measurements from the open side of the head.
It was only a matter of time before Nasty Norm moved a bowl when measuring. Helpful Herbert (being helpful) offered to move the bowl back where it was. Nasty Norm told him impolitely to get lost. A small crowd was drawn to the head and various opinions were offered as to what should happen. Some of these were:
“It’s a dead end”
“It’s a tied end”
“We get 8 shots”
“You moved the bowl so you can’t measure anymore”
“You moved the bowl so we put it back”
And so it went on until Helpful Herbert called the umpire.
The club’s oldest and grumpiest umpire was on duty and he knew that eventually he would be called to sort out Helpful Herbert and Nasty Norm.
Umpire Grumpy ruled that as Nasty Norm had moved the bowl Helpful Herbert had to put it back where it was. Because Nasty Norm had been rude to him, Helpful Herbert had decided that he was no longer prepared to help him out. However the look that Umpire Grumpy gave him caused Helpful Herbert to reconsider and he therefore put the bowl back where it was. Umpire Grumpy then ruled that measuring should continue.
Was Umpire Grumpy right?
Umpire Barry says he was.
Either of 2 laws could apply in this situation.
Law 37.4.1 says that if a bowl is displaced by a player when marking it as a toucher or by the equipment being used by a player when measuring, an opponent MUST place it back to its former position.
Law says that if a bowl at rest or a toucher in the ditch is displaced by a player and it has not disturbed the head after it is displaced, the opposing skip MUST put the bowl back to its former position.
It should be noted that replacing a displaced bowl is not optional but obligatory. Failure to replace a bowl would therefore constitute a breach of the law. Law C10 says that if a player fails to meet the requirements of one or more laws they forfeit the game.
Law C11 defines “Former position” as the position of the jack or bowl at rest within the rink of play immediately before it is displaced. Law C11 goes on to say that if a law says that a jack or a bowl must be put back to its former position, the person replacing the jack or bowl in this way MUST decide where that position is and further that if this person cannot accurately identify the former position, they MUST place the jack or bowl as near as possible to its former position.
The Laws as to jack and bowl displacement are complex and it is suggested that the umpire be called in any case of displacement.

Coach & Umpire


Michael YAN. Civil Engineer.

Which suburb do you live in?
Doncaster East.
Tell us about your family (spouse, children, grandchildren and pets)?
I am married and we do not have any children.
How long have you played bowls?
I started playing bowls this year. My wife will join bowling early next year.
What got you started playing bowls?
To enjoy the sun and outdoor fresh air. What other bowling clubs have you belonged to?
Not belong to any other bowling club.
What other sports do you play/have you played?
I am playing social badminton games 2 times a week.
What do you hope to get out of your membership of DBC?
More fun from the bowling games including coaching of the games techniques and strategies.
Tell me one of your favourite bowling memories?
Not much to talk about now.
Tell me one of your worst bowling memories?
Not much.
What is the best bowls advise you were given
When you’re not playing bowls, what other pastimes do you enjoy?
Working on pet projects of my Engineering Consultancy.
Good Food and good wine are one of the best.
What is your favourite saying?:
Nothing new under the sun.


Helen Morihovitis – Part-time Office Manager and Trained Fitter of Step Forward flexing orthotics.

Which suburb do you live in? Doncaster East.
Tell us about your family (spouse, children, grandchildren and pets)? How long have you played bowls? I do not have a partner. I have two sons and a daughter and so far, have five grandchildren – 4 girls and 1 boy – aged between 9 years and 9 months. I’m sure there will be more in the future. They are sometimes hard work, but the joy far outweighs the effort of occasional minding.
I commenced learning to bowl through U3A in July of this year (2018) with the intention of joining Donvale Bowling Club if I enjoyed the game and felt that I could develop some degree of skill at it.
What got you started playing bowls? Looking for an activity where I could meet new people.
What other bowling clubs have you belonged to? None
What other sports do you play/have you played? Many, many years ago – netball and softball. Currently do Pilates every Saturday morning.
What do you hope to get out of your membership of DBC? Making new friends and acquiring a degree of skill at the game.
Tell me one of your favourite bowling memories? When my team-mate directed me to bowl a particular shot and despite not managing exactly what was asked of me, I surprised both of us by producing an even better outcome.
Tell me one of your worst bowling memories? Bowling on the wrong bias.
What is the best bowls advice you were given? Take your time.
When you’re not playing bowls, what other pastimes do you enjoy? Pilates, reading, knitting, walking, gardening, movies, minding grandchildren, spending time with friends and family.
What is your current favourite and why ?:
Movie…Haven’t seen many current movies but really enjoyed “The Book Club” with its depiction of the humorous after-effects of reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”; and “Mama Mia Here We Go Again”. I found it really entertaining and loved the way the Abba songs were woven into the script.
Book…. Currently enjoying reading Joanne Harris’ books – “Chocolat”, “Five Quarters of the Orange”. She is great at creating realistic characters who embody all facets of human nature.
TV program….. “Have You Been Paying Attention?” So many laughs!!
Food ….. Mangoes – so sweet and juicy!
Drink. . . .. . Vanilla milkshake!! I’m not much of a drinker of alcohol but will have a social drink on occasion.
Holiday… Loved my first experience of Europe 2016 – England, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Austria. We also have amazing places in Australia which I would like to see more of. I really like Warrnambool.
Sunday activity. … Love catching up with friends and family. Would love to do some day-tripping with a partner if one comes along haha!!
What is your favourite saying?: “Everything will be all right.” (And it always is!)



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