New members & Beginners

Q: What is pennant bowls?

A: A competition between teams from different clubs.


Q: What is social bowls?

A: Games played for fun between club members.


Q: Do all members have the right to be considered for club teams?

A: All full members of the club have the right to be considered.


Q: What do club coaches do? Can we approach them?

A: Club coaches coach individuals and run training sessions. All members can approach a coach for help.


Q: What is “Inc”?

A: The committee of management of the Donvale Bowls Club Inc. “Inc” for short.


Q: What does “Inc” do?

A: Inc runs the business affairs of the club.


Q:  Who runs club pennant bowls?

A: The Pennant Bowls and Championship Section Committee.


Q:  Who runs club social bowls?

A: The Non Pennant and Social Section Committee.


Q:  Explain the club’s Committee structure.

A: The Committee of Management runs the club. The Pennant Bowls Committee and the Non Pennant Bowls Committee report to the Committee of Management.


Q:  What social bowls days are available?

A: Social Bowls is played every Sunday throughout the year. Twilight Bowls is run during daylight saving. In addition there are special days such as Cup Day bowls.


Q: What body runs bowls in Victoria?

A: Bowls Victoria, the board of which is elected by affiliated clubs.


Q:  Are there regional bodies running bowls at local level? What do they do?

A: Yes. The Regions Committee look after such things as training for coaches and umpires and regional championship competitions which lead to State events. Our club is represented at regional level.


Q:  Who is in charge of our greens? What do they do?

A: There is a Greens Director (a club member) and Greens Committee who have oversight of the green. A Greenkeeper (a contractor) looks after the grass green.


Q: Who looks after the gardens and greens?

A: The Greenkeeper looks after the grass green. The gardens are looked after by volunteers.



Q:  What volunteer jobs are there at Donvale? Can I help?

A: There are many volunteer jobs at the club and we could not function without our volunteers.


Q: Who owns our clubhouse and greens?

A: Manningham City Council. We occupy under leases with the Council.


Q: When do we wear club shirts and whites?

A: At Donvale we only wear club shirts and whites for pennant bowls, Opening Day and Presidents’ Day and club championship finals.


Q:  What do we wear for social bowls?

A: Smart casual clothes.


Q: What bowls should we buy? What do bowls cost?

A: Before buying bowls seek guidance from a coach and borrow bowls from a bowls shop to try out various sizes and makes. New bowls cost $600-$700.


Q:  Are there laws governing the game?

A: Yes. There are worldwide laws, Australian Domestic Regulations and local Rules for Competition.


Q:  Can I come  anytime to practice or roll up?

A: Yes, but please obey “greens closed” signs when they are displayed.


Q:  Can I ask to join other bowlers for a roll up? 

A: Yes.


Q:  Does the club run championship events? Can we enter?

A: The club runs championship events and all full members are encouraged to enter.


Q:  Does the club have a website? What information is provided? Can we access it?

A: The club has a website which is open to all. There is a “Members Only” section which is only open to  club members.


Q:  If I want to play on a social day, must I put my name down on the signup sheet?

A: It greatly helps people organising social days to know who is attending.


Q:  If I find I can’t play when I’ve put my name down, should I let someone know?

A: It also helps organisers to know if you cannot attend.


Q: If I can’t find an answer here who can I approach?

A: Any committee member. Please don’t be shy! No question is a silly question if you don’t know the answer to it!