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Members’ Newsletter – March 2019
Official Newsletter of Donvale Bowls Club Inc.,
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Editor: Margaret Cunningham
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• As I write this report we are on the verge of finishing the home and away Pennant season. Congratulations to all of the players in finals; I wish you well and good luck. Win, lose or draw I know you will do all of us proud.
• It has to be said, though, that season 2018/19 has been somewhat disappointing for us in terms of our average finishing positions across all sides in both Mid-week and Saturday pennant. Following receipt of a Bowls Performance report, a sub-committee consisting of four P & C representatives and four from Inc, has been established to review the club’s organisational approach to selection, coaching and bowls performance, their associated roles and the interaction between them. This is in no way a reflection on those in such roles this year, but rather it is an endeavour, in an organisational sense, to see if, and how, we can help improve performance and support for bowlers. Outcomes from the review will be communicated to members when available.
• We have now organised 30 Year Recognition Awards for those members who have been with us since day one. These will be presented to Fred Davenport, Geoff Humber, Jim Morrison, Margaret Pepper, Sheilah Scull and Noel Van Den Berg either at Presentation Night for those present or at the AGM. We certainly appreciate the magnificent contribution these six Foundation Members have made to the club over 30 years.
• New legacy plaques recognising contributions made by members way back in 1988 for the establishment of the shelters around the grass green have also been obtained. Maintenance stalwart David Mattiazzo has now installed them on the shelters.
Finally, a big welcome to new members Jay Meanger and Chas Sturrock whose applications were approved at the last Inc meeting.

Chairman Donvale Bowls Club


Ex-Presidents “chatter”     

• Monthly Dinner for February 28th February 2019, see below.
Signup sheet is now down at the club. (Numbers needed for catering).


2019 Presentation night will be at Yarra Valley Country Club, Tuesday 26th March 2019.
Please put the date in your diaries now as it is a big night of celebration for our club champions and successes for the season. P&C and the Championship Committee are working to ensure a good night for all.
All members are welcome to attend, not just pennant players.
Sign up sheet is up at the club and booking can be for table (8 to the table) or single and tables will be arranged. (if booking a table please put all names of those on the table on the sign-up sheet.)
Any questions – Graeme Shaw 0417 137 167

Aged care assistance
One of our new members, transferred from MCC to Donvale, John Gunn has had a career in agreed care and has offered to assist members if he can.
“If any members require help in placing a family member or friend into a federal funded aged care home, please give me a call for advice.
I have been an aged care provider for thirty years and know many other providers and I am happy to assist if I can Donvale members.
Community free, Respite or full-time care.
John Gunn 0417008343”
Go Donvale

Graham Howard
Ex-President Pennant & Championship Committee

President of Vice

Vice President
The “Club Unity and Training for Success” subcommittee has been active in arranging players meetings for combined Tuesday and Saturday pennant players. A meeting on 14 February was held with Side 1 players, another on 21 February with side 2 and side 3 players and on 28 February side 4 to side 7 players.
With finals now on our minds the importance of thoughtful team play and practicing together, concentration and awareness of the impact of our endeavours on club success were among topics covered. Support by players for team dinners and activities adds the important social element for celebration and enjoyment of our game.
Our thanks to Rowan, Neil Dusting, Maurie, Les Giules, David Bill, Julie Wilkins and all who made these sessions so worthwhile.
Finally, for those whose endeavours have been rewarded by games in the finals, our congratulations and we will be there to support you. GO DONVALE!

Ray Bridger
President of Vice

Bandit (1)

MONDAY 11th MARCH…12.30 Start
(Important all members are at the club by 12 noon)
Event filling fast!! 70 members and growing, already registered!!
Two Bowl Triples…Two Games x 14 ends…Dress Mufti…$10 Green Fee.
Again, a timely reminder to those who haven’t yet registered for this big day.
New, old, seasoned or those bowling members just needing the money…welcome!
This is a day of equal opportunity, a chance to be involved and share in the generous prize money on offer.
Skippers will be selected from the available list on the board, leads and thirds drawn independently prior to the commencement of the game.
• At no cost, managing the cards, overseeing the draw, we have obtained the capable services of “Mr Geoff “Numbers Man” Smith.
• Margaret “Raffle Queen” Cunningham, also advises, some wonderful prizes have been donated, and available on the day!
We are most anxious to have all our new bowlers who joined us on our New Members Day participate and rest assured you will be made most welcome, supported and encouraged by one of the experienced skippers in your team.
Every team has a real chance to be competitive.
Winning team…$150…Runner Up…$90…Best First Game…$90…Best Last Game $90
Looking forward to your company! Names on the board please… (Members only event)
Any further inquiries contact… Stormy 0408 360 257
Classic 2 – will be conducted on 28th April 2019.

Rob Fairweather
Bandit 1

Bandit (2)

Monthly Dinners. Our January dinner which followed a player meeting to outline “club unity and training for success” was another great night.
The seafood crepes put on by Jan Shield are still receiving praise.

The club dinners will now change to the 4th Thursday of each month.
February dinner will be Thursday 28th February 2019.
Dinner is after pennant practice and for both Saturday and Tuesday and interested social bowlers i.e. ALL members / partners and starts at all 5.30 until around 7.30 p.m.
• If you are not practicing, you can join the fun at 5.30 p.m.
• Catering by Donvale’s own guru Jan Shield
• Cost $15.00
• Director and MC – Neil Dusting
• Enquiries Neil 0430 844 259
Signup sheet is now down at the club. (Numbers needed for catering).

Neil Dusting
Bandit 2

Night Pennant

With only one game to go before the end of the night series I can report that this season
has not been that successful in the volume of wins, only two. However in another sense we have been very successful encouraging a solid group of about fifteen members of the Donvale community and other members who have stepped up and filled a vacancy when we were short.
We have enjoyed each other’s company and had a lot of laughs and in my opinion that is what we are trying to achieve.
Thank you to Graham Howard, David and Liz Bill together with Neil Dusting and partner Sue and Ken Eldridge for assisting us during the year.

John Gunn
(John stepped up in his first year at Donvale to organise night pennant and has done a great job and greatly assisted David Bill) Well done John and thank you.

Saturday Pennant

The results for Saturday as at the end of Rd 17 are: the top side played a very worthwhile draw with Eltham and appears to have avoided relegation. The 2nd side are likely to finish in 5th if they have a Rd 18 win, the 3rd side are in fifth position two points behind fourth (there are 5 teams pushing for third and fourth spot in Round 18), the 4th side will finish the season in sixth position, the real good news for the 5th side is they will finish the season in the four. The 6th side will have to finish the season just enjoying their bowls and most likely play in the seventh division next season where they should have played this season.
We can look forward to some good coaching and practice over the winter months in preparation for a competitive 19/20 season.
As Chairman of Selectors this season will be my last in this role and I wish to thank all those who have given me every support and encouragement throughout the year as, at times, it can be a thankless role. Time for new blood and at the same time I am reminded as to the selector’s role with the following (courtesy of Larry Lambrou):
“Three bowlers stood at the Pearly Gates,
Their faces were sad and old.
They humbly asked the man at the gate
Admission to the fold.

“What have you done” St Peter said,
“To gain admission here”
“Selectors, sir, we have been
For many a weary year”

The Gates of Heaven flew open wide,
As St Peter pressed the bell.
“Come in at once and take a harp,
You’ve had enough of hell!”
Maybe the role is not quite that bad.

Chairman of Saturday Selectors

Midweek Pennant

As the home & away games are nearly finished, I would like to thank all our players & emergencies that have completed the season. It is not the result that we would have liked to have but everybody gave their all & that is all we can ask for.
To Barry Ferguson thanks once again for being there for us every
Thursday morning as it has been a great benefit to all our players. By the time you read this our last game will have been played & the finals will be in place to any players that will not be playing finals PLEASE TURN UP & SUPPORT THE TEAMS THAT MADE IT.
We will also have had our break up at the Coach as I think there are 60 names
on the list & should be a great night.
The Team position before the last round.
1ST 6TH Still a very slight chance of making finals
2nd 4th Will be playing away
3rd 1st Will be playing at home
4th 10th
5th 10th
6th 8th
7th 10th
Who is the Donvale Player who won a raffle prize of a family meat pie 2 years ago & forgot to pick it up? Every time he was at that club (once a month) he complained that he never received his meat pie. As a joke they brought a family size pasty to his table, not only did he take it home he though they should have given him sauce as well.

Chairman of Tuesday Selectors

Championship Committee

In the February Newsletter we reported that the Men’s and Women’s Singles club
championship events had been played.
To date the following championships have been decided:
Women’s pairs: Julie Wilkins & Helen Morihovitis defeated Anna Brady & Helen Milner
Men’s Pairs: Geoff Smith & Craig Gathergood defeated Lindsay Ridgwell & Larry Lambrou
Men’s 100 Up: Graeme Shaw defeated Ian Bramstedt
Finals for the remaining 5 club championships will be played in the next few days.

We look forward to celebrating the success of event winners and runners-ups at the Presentation Dinner on Tuesday 26th March.

Chairman of Championship Committee


Grass Green
My opinion is that the grass is bowling quite well, much effort has gone into getting the best out of the surface, by scarifying and de-thatching. Shane has informed me that he is treating the various bugs as they arise. The condition of the green is very much in the hands of the weather conditions and this does vary quite substantially from club to club. Once again thanks to the linemarking crew who have been vigilant in keeping up with the maintenance of the lines. It would be good to recruit a couple more volunteers for line marking, to increase our labour force and spead the load on the dedicated few.
Artificial Green
Some work has gone into the fixing of the watering system and thanks to Ian Bramstedt and his Son, we have a replaced a faulty sprinkler and a full realignment of the rest, as well as a central sprinkler for the area, that cannot be reached by the perimeter sprinklers. Ian has donated his Son’s Labour costs and through their research have located a replacement sprinkler source. Their actions have resulted in a cost saving of around $800 on a quote we had to fix the system. A great result for the Club.

Greens Director


William Angliss Lunch 13th March
The sign-up sheet is at the club and we have good interest but have room for more. The lunch is at William Angliss, 550 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000 and will be a 2-course lunch for $25.00. The luncheon will begin at 12.00 noon. The sign-up sheet will be removed on 7th March so we can confirm numbers for William Angliss. Payment should also be made by the 7th March to either Mal Shield 0409 100 243 or Jan Meehan.
Port of Melbourne Tour 3rd April
The Port of Melbourne tour sign up sheet is at the club. The tour bus leaves the club house at 9.30 am on the 3rd April. The tour has one hour a driving around the Port and another hour of informative presentation. There is then a 2-course lunch provided at Kooringal Golf Club. The bus return to the club at 4.00pm and cost $45 each. We need 35 participants for this tour so there are more spaces available and if you want to bring friends please do so. This tour comes highly recommended by club members who have been on this tour.
Mal Shield 0409 100 243. Payment to be made to me or Jan Meehan by 6th March.
NP&SC and Tournament Committee’s
It has been decided to combine the two committee’s for next year. This has been done as the skills and functions are similar on both committees so reducing the bureaucracy seems to make sense. Peter Hanslow has decided to step down as Tournament committee chairman but will continue his roles with the special need schools, Tuesday winter bowls and the week away to Yarrawonga. I would like to thank Peter for his tremendous contribution in the past years and his ongoing commitments. The other members of the committee’s who have decided to step down after great contributions are Cheryl McAnally, Norma Juchno and Ken Eldridge and Margaret Davis and I would like to thank them for their valuable contributions.
New Social Events
It is the aim of the committee to arrange one social function per month. We would like to receive ideas for new social functions to accommodate a wide range of interests to club members. Please discuss with your NP&SC committee members directly or call me on 0409 100 243.
Sunday Bowls
The Sunday bowls has become successful with around 16 to 20 players each week. We have decided to continue to run the competition into the off season at the same time 12.30 pm for a 1.00pm start and format. It is a great way for all club members of all skill levels to work on their skills in a fun interesting game. The sign-up book is at the club or you can call me on 0409 100 243. Single entry only and cost is $7.00 each.

President Non Pennant Bowls & Social Events Committee


On the first end of a match against the club’s most bitter rivals, Helpful Herbert stood on the mat as skip to deliver his first bowl. He was 6 down, and as usual in such situations, he let go a wild drive. It must have been his lucky day because the bowl struck the jack and sent it out of bounds.
Members of the opposing team immediately said that because it was the first end, it had to be replayed in the same direction. When queried about this they immediately said “it’s in the rule book”.
Having made their decision the opposing team proceeded to fling bowls to the mat end, in the process disturbing the head on an adjoining rink. Luckily the damage to the disturbed head was amicably rectified.
Were the members of opposing team right?
Umpire Barry says they were not on two counts. Law 20.2 applies.
This law says firstly that a dead end must be replayed in the same direction unless the skips agree to replay it in the opposite direction. This applies to any end including the first.
The law goes on to say that if it is necessary to transfer the bowls to the opposite end they must be transferred in a way which avoids distracting players on neighbouring rinks, ie. they must either be carried or pushed by a bowls scoop.

Coach & Umpire



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