Lessons from Skill rating

TRAINING SESSION PURPOSE: lessons from Skill rating


PURPOSE of the session      SKILL AUDIT as outlined in July column

…introduction for this session only of the full range of skill ratings,

…and, knowledge of your technical skill

…use the audit rating in principle to apply for any one delivery in other training sessions


Observations of skill development is on player capacity to have discipline in

Pre delivery routine

Fundamental factors of delivery are sound

Ease and fluency of delivery

Get down, stay down

Disciplined to watch the bowl flight, detect, repeat or correct

Choose to work on scoring for 2 – 3 of the ratings each session;

keep inserting the known ‘pb’ current for each delivery

for each of these  in the table below and note who else you train with has a ‘pb’ for set deliveries

Questions for skill development


What is your quest?

How are you going to achieve it?


How good are you?

How good to you need to become?


What competence do you have?

What is lacking?


What skills do you possess?

What do you need to develop?