Facts and knowledge – Leadership


In 2011, I wrote something similar and referred to these two concepts summarised below

The BUS concept

For me as a coach, the bus driver, I ask myself

let’s get the right people on the bus

get the wrong people off the bus                    etc, etc


P          Professional     passionate        planned           personable       persistent         etc, etc

I           Intelligent        innovative       influential        integrity           inspiring          etc, etc

E          Enthusiastic     energised         educator          empathy          enjoys              etc, etc



Means taking responsibility and in that sense it is about your ongoing learning and growth, regardless of age;

it means you are prepared to put up your hand;

it means you acknowledge when you err;

it means you accept the consequences from incorrect or misguided decisions and actions; it means you are a stronger character with a stronger conviction;

it means others see that attribute too;

How do I know this- well I experience it and strive to gain from all and any ideas and action I journey through.  The right ones and the ‘wrong’ ones too.

Make your conviction, your leadership, known to all; make a commitment to influence as others will be the beneficiary of that conviction; and in their being the beneficiary you engage them; listening is leading as it helps to engage and then others grow as you do.

What else have I learnt this past year- in walking tall, sharing and enjoying what I do and believe in, others (in this case in bowls and coaching) also are taller than they were before. As one coach said she is now getting warm and fuzzy herself by being able to share and guide others. Me too.

One reminder, take on the role then take on the responsibility (of leadership); with that increased responsibility comes a degree of accountability which we have to equally accept and adopt.

And that requires another degree- one of honesty, self honesty, a trait so important to all of us first as people, then in the various roles we have, seek, in our lives, sport, business or interpersonal relationships.

Lachlan Tighe             11/7/2012