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Members’ Newsletter – February 2019
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I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas / New Year break and are now approaching the second half of the 2018/19 season with enthusiasm. Let’s look forward to a strong finish to the season.
As an organisation with an annual turnover of around $250,000 Inc strongly believed, at the beginning of our year in office, that we needed to develop guidelines on authorisation and approvals for expenditure made on behalf of the club. Under the leadership of Ian Bramstedt, a Schedule of Authority has now been approved and is available on our website. It is included in the Member area under the Governance tab. Also included are forms to be used in conjunction with the process. I urge all members involved in club expenditure to become familiar with the guidelines.
Thanks to the sterling work of Ritto Bettiol, David Mattiazzo and Kel McMahon, and the generosity of Bendigo Bank, the shelters around the grass green have been refreshed and shade cloth and new seats have been installed between the shelters on the south side of the green. Plaques on the original shelters that acknowledged the donors that made them possible were in a state of disrepair and are in the process of being replaced. This marks the successful completion of another of our objectives in our Five Year Strategic Plan.
We are again indebted to Tari Mallia for his generous donation which enabled us to purchase a new lawn mower – enthusiastically received by Daryl Drew and crew. Thanks Tari.
Seven new members were approved at the Dec and Jan meetings of Inc. A very warm welcome to Max Reeves, Lynne Breadmore, Karl Blake, Robyn Blake, Theo Macrides, Ian Brown and Peter Henderson. I am sure you will enjoy good bowling and good friendships at Donvale.
Finally, I am writing this article on Saturday 26 January – Australia Day, and a non-pennant bowls day. So I thought it might be worthwhile adding my (constructive?) contribution to the debate on when we should celebrate Australia Day. My suggestion is the 8th of May, for two reasons. First: It is outside of the bowls season. Second: Mate – think about it!! May 8 could be an ideal opportunity to celebrate Australian mateship and inclusion.

Chairman Donvale Bowls Club

Ex President’s Chatter

Monthly Dinner for February will 28th February 2019, see below.
Signup sheet is now down at the club. (Numbers needed for catering).

2019 Presentation night will be at Yarra Valley Country Club, Tuesday 26th March 2019.
Please put the date in your diaries now as it is a big night of celebration for our club champions and successes for the season. P&C and the Championship Committee are working to ensure a good night for all.
All members are welcome to attend, not just pennant players.
Sign up sheet will be up at the club shortly and booking can be for table (8 to the table) or single and tables will be arranged. (if booking a table please put names of all those on the table on the sign-up sheet.)
Any questions – Graeme Shaw 0417 137 167

I take the opportunity to let all members know I have resigned as President of P& C Committee effective the end of last weeks P&C meeting.
This is not a recent decision it became clear last October that unity in the club was an issue.

Also, decisions shortly need to be made for next season and I believe if I am not involved in this process it may assist less resistance going forward, it is also an opportunity for the Club to decide if it still has the same goals / aspirations as we have had for nearly 15 years, maybe too long (as I am told mainly by people who have been around longer than me).

I thank the Club for all the opportunities I have been allowed and the enormous success in all areas that has been achieved by many hard-working people and I am positive this will continue; Ray Bridger has stepped up for the rest of this season and has the support a positive committee.

I now intend to be a member bowler at our great Club, as it works its way through a period of change and support elected committees of the club going forward.

As another years moves towards conclusion another year of success will be reviewed and celebrated and decisions made to continue this forward.

Remember – a team is a group of people working towards achieving common goals.

Regards Graham

Quote for the Month – The road to nowhere is paved with excuses”

Go Donvale

Graham Howard
Ex President Pennant & Championship Committee

President of Vice
• Vice President

Thank you to all those that attended the recent players meeting, for those that could not make it the article below sets out what we are working to achieve going forward.
During 2018 the Pennant and Championship Committee agreed to address comments regarding perceived differences between Tuesday and Saturday pennant arrangements and a measure of dissatisfaction within the club which has been affecting focus and success. A sub committee was formed to come up with proposals to improve this situation. Some very thoughtful and worthwhile pages of ideas on objectives and changes now sit behind the simple mantra of:
Club Unity and Training for Success
As a first step response to these concerns, the P&C committee has confirmed cooperative agreement with Rowan and Barry to the following:
Thursday morning (10:00am) and Thursday afternoon (3:30pm) training will now be similar and open to all pennant players whether Tuesday midweek, Tuesday night or Saturday.
Bowlers can attend whichever session(s) is convenient for them and their teams.
The morning and afternoon training sessions will each be split into two (approximate) halves. One half to cover individual skill development AND the other half to cover development of team skills which will be within “usual” rinks or sides as much as possible.
Where a player is in a different team Midweek and Saturday, skips coaches and players should collaborate to closely achieve “usual” sides.
Selectors of Tuesday and Saturday teams will collaborate and aim for logical consistency in team selection.
Skips and teams are encouraged to have regular short meetings prior to and/or after Midweek and Saturday Pennant games to review performance (what worked well, what did not go so well, what can be done better/differently, tactics for next game etc.), discuss training/coaching priorities and best times for majority of team to attend training sessions etc.
Skips to advise team members to approach coaches where an individual is having particular technical problems with delivery.
Skips to give feedback to selectors each week on general areas requiring focus in future training/coaching sessions. Skips and Selectors to mutually agree on best methods to obtain this feedback.
Selectors to prioritize the training/coaching session needs based on their weekly player and team performance analysis as well as Skip and coach feedback.
Selectors will have player promotion under constant review to ensure both short term and longer-term club success.

Ray Bridger
President of Vice

Bandit (1)

Donvale Bowls Club presents!
The Mentor Classic – this year we will conduct two separate events.
These are member only days and a great opportunity for new members, inexperienced bowlers the opportunity to play with experienced bowlers.

Classic 1 – Monday 11th March (Labour Day long weekend) …12.30pm start
An invitation to all our members, and in particular, a warm welcome to those who are new to the club or recently joined us New Members Day.
Two bowl Triples… (Two games of 14 ends) …Dress Mufti …Green Fees $10
Prize Money…$420 (Winners can only win one prize)
Winning Team $150…Runner Up $90…Best First Game $90… Best Second Game Winner $90
Skippers will be selected from available list on the board.
Leads and Thirds drawn independently prior to commencement of the game.
Every team will have an opportunity to be competitive and share in the prize money.
The Mentor Days have proven to be extremely successful, lots of fun and an occasion for new bowlers to be involved without any commitment or pressure.
Names on the Board please… (Limited to first 72 members)

Classic 2 – will be conducted on 28th April 2019.

Rob Fairweather
Bandit 1

Bandit (2)

Monthly Dinners. Our January dinner which followed a player meeting to outline “club unity and training for success” was another great night. The seafood crepes put on by Jan Shield are still receiving praise.

The “dinners will now change to the 4th Thursday of each month.
February dinner will be Thursday 28th February 2019.
Dinner is after pennant practice and for both Saturday and Tuesday and interested social bowlers i.e. ALL members / partners and starts at all 5.30 until around 7.30 p.m.
• If you are not practicing, you can join the fun at 5.30 p.m.
• Catering by Donvale’s own guru Jan Shield
• Cost $15.00
• Director and MC – Neil Dusting
• Enquiries Neil 0430 844 259
Signup sheet is now down at the club. (Numbers needed for catering).

Neil Dusting
Bandit 2

Saturday Pennant
Saturday pennant has been a hot day on a number of occasions not the least our last Round 14.
The team’s status is as follows:
• Our first team is in fifth position which, if they hold it together, still have a good chance of finishing fourth on the ladder.
• The second team is in sixth position but still not out of reach to finish in fourth position, but it will take a big effort in the last four rounds.
• The third team is in fourth position but is facing stiff competition for that spot. Every effort is being deployed to maintain their position.
• The fourth team has gone from fourth to sixth on the ladder after losing by two shots in Round 14 but still not out of reach to get back.
• The fifth team are travelling very well in third position on the ladder only one point behind second position. They can enjoy a BYE in round fifteen.
• The sixth team is in tenth position so the best they can do is go out and do their best and enjoy their bowls.

It is also the time of the season when selectors have to take into consideration BV rules for qualification in finals. This can result in one or two unexpected decisions to ensure every team member is qualified in their specific finals event. Thanks also to all those emergency players who have made themselves available so willingly throughout the season.

Chairman of Saturday Selectors

Midweek Pennant
The season has produced mixed results for the teams.
Thanks again to all our emergency players that have filled in when we have
been short of players sometimes at very short notice.
To our new members that have played well done and hope you have enjoyed
your time bowling in pennant.
From all our players our thanks go to Barry Ferguson who takes our training
on Thursday mornings.
We should have 2 Teams in Finals, possible for Team 1 to make finals, to all teams
that make finals let’s make sure we are there supporting them.

Team 1 5th
Team 2 4th
Team 3 1st
Team 4 10th
Team 5 10th
Team 6 7th
Team 7 10th
Let’s finish the season off with as many wins as we can.

Chairman of Tuesday Selectors

Championship Committee
Finals for both the Women’s and Men’s singles were played on Wednesday 16th January.
Congratulations to Pat O’Meara and Rowan Sharp, our 2018/19 club singles champions.
To the runners-up, Jan Meehan and Barry Wilkins, congratulations on reaching the finals.
Both finals were played at the same time and were watched by more than 40 members and friends of the finalists.
Pat and Rowan will now go on and represent Donvale in the Region Champion of Champions events later this month. We wish them every success.
Thanks to all who made the day such a success.

Several club championship games are still to be played and some have fallen behind schedule.
If yours is one of them, could you please play it as soon as possible. Any problems, please talk to me.

It is important that finals are played by the due dates so there is enough time to arrange trophies for our Presentation Night on Tuesday 26th March.

Chairman of Championship Committe

A Gentle Reminder

As we all age our health become more and more precious. Please look after everyone. Smoking is permitted in restricted areas of the club grounds only. Smoking and non-smoking areas are VERY CLEARLY MARKED. This applies at all times not just when pennant or other events are happening. Smokers, you have been considered by the club allowing smoking in restricted areas. Please return to this consideration to others, many of whom are allergic to smoke. Thank you in anticipation of total co-operation for the health and safety for all members.


Grass Green
Scarifying took place prior to Christmas and many thanks to Shane and the crew on the day, good to see some of our ladies in Helen Milner and Anna Brady joining the crew and helping with the spreading and disposal of the debris. In my opinion the rink is bowling very well and I have only had complaints from losing opposition. At this time of the year line marking is frequent, as the grass is in its growing phase. We have a small dedicated and experienced crew, but would appreciate a couple of people to learn the skills so we can spread the load a little.
The greenkeeper Shane has requested access to the grass before 9.30 am each morning and after 5.oo pm Sundays (watering). Please avoid these times when arranging club championship matches.
Artificial Green
Seems to be bowling well in the inner rinks however the complaints about the outer two are frequent. I do not think we can rectify this without high cost. I guess the opposition on any day have to bowl under the same conditions. The ditches are filling with leaves and will be cleaned out prior to the next Tuesday pennant.

Greens Director


Swinging on Broadway
Thanks to everyone for buying all the tickets to Swinging on Broadway. The tickets are being distributed and I expect everyone will have a great time.
Sunday Bowls
Sunday bowls had a holiday on 27th January as some bowlers did not want to go to the Australia Day Function as well as Sunday bowls. Sunday bowls will be on again on the 3rd February. The sign-up book is at the club and it is on at 12.30pm for a 1.00pm start at the cost of $7.00. The last 2 weeks we have had 15 and 16 players so the popularity is increasing. Everyone is welcome. You get to bowl 60 bowls in about 2 hours of play so great practice and if you are good enough you will get a prize.
Mike Meehan 0419 743 122 Mal Shield 0409 100 243
William Angliss Lunch (Wednesday 13th March)
The sign-up book is at the club and we still have some vacancies for a 2-course lunch at William Angliss on 13th March at 12.00 noon. The cost is $25.00 per person. It is a great feed and well worth the money.
Mal Shield 0409 100 243
Port of Melbourne Tour (Wednesday 3rd April)
This comes highly recommended and will start at 9.00am at the bowls club carpark. The bus will then take us to the Port of Melbourne for 2 hours of tours and talks. I have been told this is extremely interesting. Then after the tour we will then be taken for an excellent 2-course lunch and then return to the Bowls club. The cost is $45 per person and is on the 3rd April.

President Non Pennant Bowls & Social Events Committee


At the time of writing, Helpful Herbert and his friends are all having a well-earned break.
I’m therefore taking the opportunity to write about a situation that has arisen a couple of times in recent months and no doubt has arisen many times over the years.
It goes like this. At the crossover in a pennant game, the skip of Team B should bowl first but by mistake the skip of Team A bowls a bowl followed by a bowl from the skip of Team B. Both skips have played out of turn.
Various umpires have expressed different views on what should happen so I thought I’d refer the matter to John Roberts (“The Lawman”), Bowls Victoria’s Umpiring Head Honcho.
John’s advice to me was that there is no law to cover the situation and in the instance above the bowls bowled should remain where they are and the remaining bowls should be bowled in correct order.
World Bowls Laws Committee also considered the matter last year and in the committees decision published in October 2018 they agree with John Roberts and go on to say “this course of action is consistent with the intent of the laws and avoids either player being penalised by losing the right to play a bowl as a result of what one trusts has been a genuine mistake by both parties”.
The committee also refers to the Foreword to the Laws where it is stated that where a situation is not covered by the laws we need to use common sense and a spirit of fair play to decide on the appropriate course of action.
1. If one team plays out of turn (as opposed to both teams), Law 29.1 gives the other team options on what they can do. It is suggested that if this happens the umpire should be called so that the other team is clear as to their rights.
2. At the crossover in a pennant game the third of the team which is to play first should ensure that one of their skips bowls is placed on the mat to avoid all confusion.

Coach & Umpire



Congratulations to Rowan Sharp, our Singles Male Club Champion and to Pat O’Meara, our Singles Female Champion for 2018-2019 Season. You are an inspiration!
Well done to the runners up Barry Wilkins and Jan Meehan.
Many thanks to the official markers and umpire on the day and to the members who came to support our competitors.

Free to a Good Home

Two Canon PG-40 ink cartridges free to a good home.
First in best dressed.
Contact  Craig Gathergood


Robyn Blake    Retired for 3 years – previously worked in the international education sector
Which suburb do you live in?
Tell us about your family (spouse, children, grandchildren and pets)?
Husband – Karl
2 daughters
2 dogs Spoodle and mini Schnauzer
How long have you played bowls?
Karl and I started playing bowls approx. 3 months ago.
What got you started playing bowls?
It appealed to us as it is something we could do together and also when we travelled. We had been thinking about it for a while.
What other bowling clubs have you belonged to?
What other sports do you play/have you played?
Tennis – currently playing social tennis
What do you hope to get out of your membership of DBC?
Enjoy learning a new sport and meeting new people
Tell me one of your favourite bowling memories?
The first time I had shot
Tell me one of your worst bowling memories?
When 3 bowls in one end were not counted
What is the best bowls advise you were given
Relax and enjoy it
When you’re not playing bowls, what other pastimes do you enjoy?
Walking my dogs, Zumba, tennis, travelling, reading, movies, going out for dinner
What is your current favourite and why ?:
Movie… “The Wife”. I had read the book and the movie was a great adaptation
Book…. “Boy Swallows Universe” by Trent Dalton. Very moving and witty.
TV program….. Scandi noir mini series
Food ….. seafood and Thai food
Drink. . . sav blanc.. .
Holiday…travelling in our motorhome
Sunday activity. … relaxing
What is your favourite saying?:
“Just do it”


Karl Blake – layabout, previously an IT teacher until August 2017
Which suburb do you live in? Donvale
Tell us about your family (spouse, children, grandchildren and pets)? How long have you played bowls? We both started playing bowls approximately seven years ago. Spouse Robyn, daughters Libby and Anna, started playing bowls just after the 2018 open day.
What got you started playing bowls? Planned to start after retiring and encouraged by Gerhardt Blum our neighbour 2 doors down.
What other sports do you play/have you played? Surfboard riding, surf ski riding, snow skiing, tennis, water skiing
What do you hope to get out of your membership of DBC? Enjoy bowls and make some new friends
Tell me one of your favourite bowling memories? A bit short on those right now
Tell me one of your worst bowling memories? Fortunately a bit short on those also
What is the best bowls advise you were given? Have fun!
When you’re not playing bowls, what other pastimes do you enjoy? Travelling (motorhome soon to be replaced by a caravan), fishing, surfing
What is your current favourite and why ?:
Movie… Philadelphia
Book…. Clockwork Orange
TV program….. The Bridge (Swedish version) closely followed by the West Wing
Food ….. Thai, crab fried rice, prawn pad Thai
Drink. . . .. . Yes! Chardonnay, sav blanc, Bundy OP rum bloody Mary, I could go on……
Holiday… Surfing on the north coast
Sunday activity. … relaxing and avoiding the weekend crowd especially since every day is now a Saturday!
What is your favourite saying?: they don’t know what they don’t know


Bob Lyford
I was born in Coburg in 1943 and lived there until I was 21. My primary education was at the local Parish school and I completed my secondary education at CBC North Melbourne. After 4 years at Melbourne Uni I began my first career in 1965 as a secondary school teacher, over the next 16 years teaching at 4 different state high schools. In 1980 I resigned as a teacher and began my second career as an owner/operator, in partnership with a friend, of a licensed supermarket, Heathmont Cellars in Canterbury Road Heathmont. After 20 years we sold the business in 2001. I was then employed as the administration manager at the Box Hill Hawks Football Club, retiring from there (on their insistence) on October 31 2017. My wife Lyn and I have lived in the one home in Park Orchards since 1971 and raised our 3 sons there. We have 5 wonderful grand kids. Over the years I was urged by friends to take up lawn bowls, but always found a reason not to. In 2017 my former business partner finally prevailed and I joined Bennettswood Bowls Club. I enjoyed my time there but found the travel time to and from, a couple of times per week, detracted considerably from the enjoyment. So I accepted that my bowls career was over. But then I saw an article in the Warrandyte Diary advertising the new members say at Donvale. I “hummed and ha’ad” about coming along, but I am so glad I did. The welcoming friendliness shown to me has been outstanding. I am looking forward to many happy years here.
One of my favourite bowling memories (2017) was in a practice game against another club and one of my team members, a bowler of some experience, snarled at me “You’re not playing skittles, you know”. I thought to myself, “This is pretty serious business” and wondered if I should continue. Subsequently I observed that the offender had an unwarranted opinion of himself and everyone just ignored him. I discovered he was the exception rather than the rule amongst bowlers.
The best bowls advice I have received to date – and I have received much – is “It’s better long than short” and “It’s only a game.”
I played night tennis for many years, which I enjoyed immensely. As a younger man I also played footy and cricket, although neither very well.
In my spare time I enjoy gardening and reading. I watch very little TV, so have no favourites, although I like to watch “Insiders” on the ABC on Sunday morning. As a former teacher of history and politics I have an abiding interest in current affairs, both locally and internationally.


Peter Henderson – Retired
Which suburb do you live in? Doncaster East
Tell us about your family (spouse, children, grandchildren and pets)? How long have you played bowls? We both started playing bowls approximately seven years ago.
3 sons, 3 grandkids, have not played Bowls.
What other sports do you play/have you played? Football. Golf
What do you hope to get out of your membership of DBC? Activity, learn how to play.
When you’re not playing bowls, what other pastimes do you enjoy? Holidays
What is your current favourite and why?
TV program….. Sports.
Drink. Coke and Beer.
Holiday… Yes going away.
Sunday activity. …Visiting Friends and family.




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• CRAIG GATHERGOOD – Maintenance & General Plumbing 9842 1334 or 0407 057 231 – licenced plumber.
• Café Julia – Farhad and Bobby. More details will be advised. Cafe Julia is located at 78 Jackson Court, Doncaster East. Great coffee & vanilla slices.