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Members’ Newsletter – December 2018
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Editor: Margaret Cunningham
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Committee Positions for 2019/20
It is already clear that a number of committee members from our three committees (Management Committee, Non-Pennant Bowls & Social Events Section and Pennant Bowls & Championship Section) will not be re-contesting their positions at the May AGM for the 2019/20 season. It’s not too early to start thinking about if, and how, you might contribute to the club’s management and direction by nominating for a position. The lists of positions are contained on pages 4 – 6 of the club handbook. I am sure you will find contributing your time and skills to any of these positions to be a highly rewarding experience.
I would be very happy to discuss the various roles with any member who has an interest, and perhaps some questions, about the positions.
The mystery of the missing jacks
There are a number of yellow jacks missing from the bowls shed. Barry Wilkins does a great job in keeping our sets of bowls and jacks in good order, and both he and I would appreciate their return please. Alternatively, if anyone has information on where they may be, please let Barry or I know. Jacks are expensive items and should not be removed from the club grounds.
Christmas / New Year
As this is the last newsletter for the year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Year break. Also a big thank you for your support and contribution to our club in 2018. Enjoy the festive season and return refreshed to bowls in the new year.

Chairman Donvale Bowls Club

Congratulation on 30 years!!

Hello to Donvale Bowls Club,

What a treat it was to stumble across the news of Donvale’s 30th anniversary. (The marvel of iPads and technology).

I have wonderful fond memories of my introduction to the club some 22 years ago. I was a student studying my first year of teaching and recently arrived from Queensland. Rolling up on those greens, quietly practising and soaking up my spare time between studies.

I was thankful for the guidance, coaching and friendship of folk like Keith Rochow, Bernie Henderson, Maurie Vickerman, Geoff Smith, Brian Dodds, Ray Rattray-Wood and Jim Morrison…..and many others. It was a terrific community and made my time in Melbourne enjoyable.

I had many Bowls match tussles with the good competitive spirit of play at the club and it ultimately helped me represent Donvale at the Group Sides Championship in 1998….which our Group 12 went onto win the State Title. (I’ve attached a pic)

The overall standard of play at the club was also high that year with Donvale’s Div 3 pennant side only losing the Metropolitan Championship by 1 shot.

But it was always the club community that made Donvale something special. The social Sundays and events enabled everyone the opportunity to get to know all in the club.

So, please pass on my regards to the current membership and congratulations to all who have contributed to the success of Donvale over those 30 years.

My kind regards

Gary Horwood.



President’s Chatter    

Monthly Club Dinner for December will not be held due to Christmas festivities etc.

January Club Dinner is Thursday 17th January 2019.
Dinner is after pennant practice and for both Saturday and Tuesday and interested social bowlers i.e. ALL members / partners and starts at all 5.30 until around 7.30 p.m.
• If you are not practicing, you can join the fun at 5.30 p.m.
• Catering by Donvale’s own guru Jan Shield
• Cost $15.00
• Director and MC – Neil Dusting
• Enquiries Neil 0430 844 259
Signup sheet is now down at the club. (Numbers needed for catering).

We will shortly complete the first round of home and away games for the season and be able to assess our positions on the ladder, how well we are going and see what we san do to get the best results for the club we can.

We are also now nearing the busy Christmas / New Year festivities and we would like to wish all members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Quote for the Month – “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

Go Donvale

Graham Howard
President Pennant & Championship Committee

Bandit (1)
The final summary covering the New Members Day results.

How delightful to announce as of printing, we have registered 48 new members to Donvale Bowls Club.
To you the members, so numerous to mention, who willingly gave of their time, volunteered and contributed, congratulations, you indeed share in this marvellous achievement.
No doubt, this effort will consolidate our numbers and future competitiveness in the years ahead.
Yes, for the non- believers, we may lose a few along the way, but doing nothing would have ensured we achieved just that!

To our Mentors, 23 in total, generously offering their time, your role such a pivotal one, hopefully ensuring we remain connected with these new members and their needs.

The sudden influx of people certainly created needs, and opportunities for the club.
To our coaching teams Mal Shields (Sunday’s) Bernie Henderson (Monday’s) and Barry Wilkins (Wednesday Twilight), how vital and timely their contribution is, and continue to be, and finally, Margaret Cunningham, her enthusiasm, administrative prowess and drive, inspirational.

We now need to extend a hand and make welcome the many new faces we encounter in the pursuing weeks.

Donvale volunteers, congratulations, no one is as generous or does it better!


Rob Fairweather
Bandit 1

Saturday Pennant

At the end of Rd 7 the Saturday teams are performing as follows:
• The 1st team is currently in third position on the ladder after a very encouraging five wins in a row.
• The 2nd and 3rd teams are both currently in sixth position,
• The 4th team is currently in fourth position on the ladder after a solid performance to date,
• The 5th team has had great start to the season and is currently in second position on the ladder.
• The 6th team is struggling to maintain its position with so many changes to the team as a result of the number of players being unavailable in any week.

The Saturday selectors have been very excited about the weekly performances of several newer bowlers and who have been rewarded by promotion to higher divisions.
We are also happy to report one most recent new pennant player, Dawn Benson, who came to us through the U3A program.
As usual the emergency players continue to give us great support each week.


Chairman of Saturday Selectors

Midweek Pennant

There is not much to add from last newsletter but to wish everybody a merry Christmas
and a happy new year. With our break coming up we would like everybody to stay back after the last game before Christmas on the 18th of Dec to have a meeting with the selectors about the season going forward. Once more I would like to thank all players who have filled in when we have been short of players.

Chairman of Tuesday Selectors

Championship Committee

The committee appreciates your continued support by completing championship matches by their due dates. If you are unable to do so, please contact me (8848 0812 or 0417 137 167).
Please also be aware that the grass green will be closed for 2/3 weeks after the last Tuesday pennant game before Christmas for annual maintenance. The Green Keeper will keep us informed of precise dates in a News Flash.
This is not a reason to defer games that are due to be played (or overdue).
With the agreement of the winning semi-finalists for both the men’s and women’s singles, we plan to hold these finals on a Sunday early in the new year.
This arrangement will give members the opportunity to watch both finals, a repeat of what we arranged last year.
The winners of each event will have to opportunity to compete in the Regional Champion of Champions events to be played during February.
More details will follow in a News Flash.
Regional Championships
Entries for the Regional Mixed Pairs Championship close on 21st January 2019.
Any members wishing to enter, please add your names to the entry form on the notice board in the club rooms.

Chairman of Championship Committee


Grass Green
The grass is now in growth mode which requires cutting and rolling more frequently, much to the chagrin of the line marking crew ( Des, Gerry, Peter R and Tony S ) as lines get rubbed out, however the job is always done without complaint, well done to these guys.
It was pointed out by newsflash that Shane the Green Keeper requires access to the surface from 7 to 9.30am most days, to complete his tasks. Members are asked to not schedule any activity at these times, the Artificial is available, as it is rare to have any restrictions for maintenance.
Grass Green Scarifying will take place after the last Pennant game of 2018 ie after Dec 18. This involves a crew of around 8 persons, to be rostered during the day, for debris removal. I am looking for volunteers; some with wheelbarrows would be good.
Artificial Green
Having said that, there is a scheduled grooming of the surface on the 25th of November and ditch vacuuming will be done on the same day. This was rescheduled due to weather to December 2nd.
I have over a period of time been asked about the watering schedule on the artificial which led me to refer to the Maintenance Manual, which was composed by the Surface Provider.
I Quote as follows:
“Watering the surface prior to play will help settle the sand within the pile. Only enough water should be applied to the surface so that the top of the sand becomes wet.” ( Not sure how to determine this, however I do know that we water on the quick cycle of two minutes per sprayer, and then make a judgement re dampness).
“A feature of synthetic greens is a reduction in green speed during hot weather when the sand infill dries out and becomes a little loose. Watering 30 to 45 minutes prior to play will minimise this effect. The timing and degree of watering can only be determined by local experience.” Des has been doing this for some time and we are getting some valuable lessons learnt, re water volume and frequency.
” Watering of the green during the day may be an option and certainly assists in keeping the green cool.” Just imagine what reaction we would get from Opposition if we did this !!
The Manual also states that ” A damp green plays quicker than a dry one.”


Greens Director

Green Finger Division

“On Wednesday 10th October, with much love and care, this season’s dahlia tubers
were inserted into the earth by the Donvale Bowls Club Inc. Green Finger Division.
Joint CEOs of this division are Jim “Rosarian Extraordinaire” Morrison and
Graeme “One Arm Bandit” Morrison. The team members are Richard Aumann,
Elizabeth Bill and John Gow. We are now ready to recruit some more workers.
Please contact Graeme Morrison 0418 482 610 if you would like to join the team.

Graeme Morrison 

Green Finger Promotion Officer


There are times when Umpire Barry is very disappointed in Helpful Herbert and his inability to curb his desire to be helpful.
On the final ends of a very tense pennant match the scores were equal on the main board. Helpful Herbert’s rink was down 2 shots, 2 other rinks were up 1 shot each while Old Charlie was holding 3 shots on his rink. If the scores didn’t change, Donvale would win the day.
Helpful Herbert and Old Charlie were on adjoining ends and each was encouraging the other as the game drew to an exciting close.
Dopey Dora was Helpful Herbert’s third and delivered her second bowl very wide so that it looked as though it would collide with a bowl on Old Charlie’s rink.
Old Charlie was alert to the danger and moved forward so as to stop Dopey Dora’s bowl. At the same time Helpful Herbert (being helpful) rushed in to lift the bowl on Old Charlie’s rink. Helpful Herbert did not see Old Charlie and managed to trip over him, scattering bowls and the jack.
There was a chorus of people all yelling “umpire” at the same time. The club’s littlest umpire arrived and listened to the sad story as recounted by Helpful Herbert, Old Charlie and the opposing skips.
The littlest umpire told the players that in this instance Helpful Herbert was a neutral person and Old Charlie and his opponent must attempt to agree on the former position of the jack and bowls and continue the end. Old Charlie was keen to come to an agreement but it all proved impossible so the umpire ruled that as they couldn’t agree they must declare the end dead. This was duly done.
By the time Old Charlie and his opponent began to replay their final end the other 3 rinks had finished and the score on the main board remained deadlocked.
Unfortunately Old Charlie lost the final end so Donvale were defeated.
Was the littlest umpire right? Umpire Barry lives with her and can vouch for the fact that she is always right.
Law C23.1 says a neutral person is one who is not a player on the rink of play.
Laws to bowls) and 38.3.3 (relating to jacks) state if the skips cannot agree on the former position of a bowl or jack displaced by a neutral person they must declare the end dead.
The following laws should also be noted:
Law 12.2.1 says that a player MUST NOT go into a neighbouring rink where play is in progress.
Law 37.6.1 says that if a bowl at rest on the rink is in danger of being moved by a bowl from a neighbouring rink any player at the head must choose whether to stop the bowl from the neighbouring rink or lift the bowl at rest to allow the other bowl to pass and then replace it AS LONG AS THIS ACTION WOULD NOT INFLUENCE THE OUTCOME OF THE HEAD.
Umpire Barry has recently heard it said at Donvale that the rule has been changed and you’re no longer allowed to lift a bowl on an adjoining rink. This is not the case. The rule (or rather the law) is , was and always has been, that players must not encroach on adjoining rinks.
Umpire Barry recommends:
Firstly that if a bowl from a neighbouring rink is about to collide with a bowl on your rink, STOP THE BOWL. It can be replayed if it was on the right bias.
Secondly that if a bowl played on your rink is about to collide with a bowl on a neighbouring rink call out to the people on that rink by name and tell them WATCH YOUR HEAD. If they don’t stop your bowl from colliding with a bowl on their rink IT IS THEIR PROBLEM. Your bowl can also be replayed if it was on the right bias.


Coach & Umpire


My name is John Chandler and married to Kay Chandler and resides in Donvale. I was born in 1943 an only child and attended Camberwell Grammar School from Prep. to leaving age at 16 After studying accountancy at night school I joined White Goods Manufacturer Email Ltd and was fortunate enough to gain a position in their Credit Department. Within a few years I was appointed their State Credit Manager for Victoria and Tasmania.
I remained with the Company for 48 continuous years until retirement in 2006.
Kay and I have two children Susan and Brett.
Susan is the executive officer of the Australian Veterinary Assoc. and Brett played for the AFL actually played in the last game for Fitzroy then recruited to the North Melbourne Football Club and is now general manager of a company named UltraLift.
I play golf at the Camberwell Golf Club weekly, which I enjoy.
Kay and I were pleased to receive an invitation to join the Donvale Bowls Club some four weeks ago, which we have both been made so welcome at the club.
We now both own our own set of Bowls and hope with practice we can improve our beginner’s standard.


My name is Kay Chandler and married to John Chandler and reside in Donvale.
In the last month I have joined the Donvale Bowls Club with my husband John.
I grew up in Thornbury and attended the Hutton Street Primary School then onto the Preston Girls Secondary College.
Prior to employment I also attended the Northcote Business College.
My early employment was with Insurance Companies then finally with a Company named Email Ltd.
It was at this company that I met my husband and was married in 1970.
We were fortunate to have a Daughter and Son and have lived in Doncaster and Donvale all our married life.
We have a Border Collie dog named Gus who is part of the family and spoiled rotten.
Neither of us have ever played Lawn Bowls before but now owning my own set of Bowls am really enjoying the game.
I would like to record how we have both been made so welcome at the Donvale Bowls Club and trust we can enjoy many years of membership.


What is your name & occupation? Robyn Ham. Retired
Which suburb do you live in? Vermont
Tell us about your family (spouse, children, grandchildren and pets)? How long have you played bowls? We both started playing bowls approximately seven years ago. Married to Philip
for 48 years, have two adult sons and two teenage grandaughters.
What got you started playing bowls? Retired from tennis due to back problems. Encourage by Maurie and Jan Vickerman to give it a go.
What other sports do you play/have you played? Netball and tennis.
What do you hope to get out of your membership of DBC? Exercise and social interaction.
What is the best bowls advise you were given. Enjoyment and bowling etiquette.
When you’re not playing bowls, what other pastimes do you enjoy? Travelling and
watching grandaughters netball games and Family activities.


Richard Carden, Happily Retired
Just moved from Chirnside Park to an apartment in Doncaster East.
I have been married to my wife Janet for 45 years, we have 3 daughters, Helen, Natalie & Amy.
I have been playing bowls for about 10 years, although over the last 2 years I have not played a great deal, and I am now looking forward to getting back into it.
I started when a friend of mine, who was retiring, thought about taking up bowls and asked if I was interested in going along with him.
That was at Chirnside Park Bowls Club where I was a member for 8 years.
I am currently a very keen golfer at Gardiners Run GC.
In my youth I have played Rugby Union, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Squash, and Car rallying.
I am very much looking forward to playing bowls at Donvale Bowls Club. I have been very taken with the warm welcome that I have been given, and am looking forward to gaining a new group of friends, and getting involved with the club in the future in whatever capacity I can.
I think my most memorable bowls memory was the first time I played pennant for Chirnside Park, very nervous, but we came away with a win.
My worst memory, was when I was skipping at a pennant game with Chirnside Park. The opposition were holding 5 shots with their bowls in a line in front of the jack. All I had to do was to draw into their 5 shots. If I cut it down to 4 we would have won the game. I put my bowl down on the wrong bias, and missed everything!!!
When I am not playing bowls I enjoy golf, the odd glass of wine, and Janet and I enjoy cruising.
Movie…The Departed
Book…Not a great reader, but enjoy reading about trivia
TV programme… Any quiz programme, travel doco’s, or British crime series
Food… Anything that hasn’t got pumpkin or Zucchini in!
Drink… Enjoy wine, [Member of Chirnside Park Wine Club(treasurer)]
Holiday… Cruising
Favourite saying:-
My father always said to me the morning after a heavy session the night before, “Those that live by the sword, die by the sword”!! A saying, much to their amusement, has been passed on to my 3 daughters.



• BENDIGO BANK (Community Bank) Doncaster East and Templestowe Village Branch’s – for all your banking needs. Contact Senior Manager – Paul Thompson. Phone 9840 2028
• PARKES PROPERTY – 906 Doncaster Rd. Doncaster East. 9840 1111 For all Real Estate needs – Contact Managing Director – Linda Linmeiers.
• RANCIE Financial Planning – Jon Rancie – Level 4, 420 Collins Street, Melbourne 9671 4990 email
• HELLOWORLD TRAVEL – Lower Templestowe – 18 Macedon Road Lower Templestowe – Lisa Ioakimidis – – Phone 98520200 – email


• DONCASTER SPORTING GEAR – 25 Worrell Street, Nunawading. 9877 2068 For all bowling gear contact owners Larry, Sue & Elise. Email
• RYAN SMITH – Member for Warrandyte – Suite 2, 1020 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East. 9841 5166
• DONCASTER EAST CAR REPAIRS – 24 Terra Cottra Drive Blackburn 3130 9878 5668


• CRAIG GATHERGOOD – Maintenance & General Plumbing 9842 1334 or 0407 057 231 – licenced plumber.
• Café Julia – Farhad and Bobby. More details will be advised. Cafe Julia is located at 78 Jackson Court, Doncaster East. Great coffee & vanilla slices.