Complacency & compliance

Complacency & compliance


Year 2010 has started though I am a month behind with my column, immediately I have enjoyed an invigorating start to a new year of learning (more) about bowls and bowls coaching through numerous bowlers within three states already this year.


Just an aside though as the BA Open starts today and I would like to prompt all my players who entered with some one liners and clichés to digest, even apply:

  • belief, in the right attitude attracts the right people and ultimately the right result
  • an attitude of sporting excellence never goes out of fashion
  • winning, you never win every time; but with a planned, trained procedure it improves your chance of winning every time
  • winning due to training at the intensity of the game
  • winning is planned with such strategies as

know when to attack or defend

discipline to keep losses to 2 shots

control of the game by the length played (jack)

control the mind game by your last bowl is always your first bowl

  • self talk – when you are winning/ losing/ bowling well, even if not scoring; when you bowled a ripper first bowl, set out to repeat the dose next delivery.


Now why the heading – complacency and compliance? A few bowlers coached by me really believe and apply. Others often concur and comply. In the latter group I observe they practice because it is either expected of them or it partially makes them feel as if they are developing as bowlers.


Example, these bowlers will measure their technical skill or rate their game performance at training but will err on the favourable side in scoring when it seems to me the standard has just not been reached, close but not quite there. Shows to me a level of personal complacency in that particular bowler.


They will get found out in events such as this BA Open. Them not me. They bowl, not me. They win, not me. Why be complacent when it is you that is adversely effected? Perhaps because that is how they perceive getting to the next level, taking the short cut.


Fortunately amongst all the bowlers I coach there are notables. One guy forever strives to improve on all fronts. He even has concern that he has stopped improving. He has’nt, it is more the improvement is miniscule and nigh on invisible when you get closer to the summit of skill competency as an elite player.


One beauty having this sort of person is that others of similar mindset value the company of a kindred spirit. Again the right person is a quality person, seek (them to coach) and ye shall find (them) and coaching even more rewarding.


For the future in our 2010 coaching, and to avoid any complacency, we will have a ‘know your body know your bowl’ approach in training sessions. I could call this specific program ‘declare the delivery’ where the bowler has to nominate where each delivery will finish in context of the target/ jack and make that verbal declaration within 7-8m of the bowl being delivered from the mat.


I can then compare his call with the finished delivery and use it to highlight how well each bowler is in touch with their body and delivery. Should be interesting and not complacent.


The complacency is if bowlers see it as too hard. Pity their shortened length of time in my coaching sessions!!!


And my final program to assist in reducing complacency is a 50 (maybe even100) delivery program where a bowler will do 50 (or the 100) deliveries to get a full bodily feel which they need to then internalize and recognise their own motor memory.


Should I choose the 100 series, I shall break it into 10×10 sequence and see what the bowler can perform as an average every sequence of 10. It will also show the range of scores x10 times.


Any player prepared to do this session is not compliant and not complacent. Persistent and driven to succeed is a more apt term for this bowler. Maybe their (positive) compliance is in their quest to experiment to improve and be a far superior bowler than where they were when we started the 2010 year.


Is that bowler you? Boy I would relish coaching you in that case.



P.s… was the case in 2009, I have submitted a separate practical training diagram onto Henselite’s website for this new month – go to (enter Hints & Tips, then Performance technique) for a read and maybe application for yourself and your home club.



Lachlan Tighe.